Monday, February 6, 2012

Sharp, Soft & Pretty!

Ok you guys, we have some things to show you!  
Uh, yeah guys we do!
On Saturday, we woke up & went outside & there were all these pretty white things on the branches & stuff!  We had momma take some photos!
This one is momma's favorite...she said it looks like an angel!
The white things are what momma called frost & they were not sharp at all.  Pretty huh?

Later that day, momma & daddy left & came home with this fuzzball!
She's really wittle & I didn't even realize she was next to me.
Momma & Daddy are calling her Pippa...I have other names for her....
It's funny how some pretty things can be sharp (looking) & some pretty things can be soft (& fluffy).  Do you think so too?