Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Ok, well today won't truly be wordless, but this is something some other blogs I read do.  It's called Wordless Wednesday & it's when you just post a photo on the blog post.  Not sure how well I'll do with the wordless part every week, but the photo part I should not have an issue with!

We'll start today.  Look what came in the mail today??  Vivi's BOB win photo!!  Just had to share!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Introducing BOB

This past weekend Vivi & I were in Albert Lea, MN for a dog show.  Ring time was 8am & it's almost 2 hours from my house so it was another EARLY weekend.  (I have reminded myself again that NO ONE but ME is making me get up at 4am for this!)  :0)

Vivi was in rare form Saturday morning as I was grooming her...she was umm...let's say affectionate/dominate to my arm.  Made grooming a little difficult & for some reason was her "dance" of choice the rest of the day??  Not sure why, it's not like she's in heat or anything...remember THAT story??

Anyway, back to BOB.  Vivi & I carpooled with Nancy, her brother Matthew & Bo (Viv's nephew).  It was a nice ride down & we got there in plenty of time to relax ringside....they even brought me a Diet Coke, so you KNOW I was all happy!!

After the boys it's the girls turn to show & we go in & I'll just show you.  Vivi was entered in the Open class for girls.  Not all the girls were ready when we were, so the judge watched Vivi alone & then allowed the other two to come on in.

Yay!  Vivi won the Open class!! 

Now what you say?  Well all the girl class winners go in for what's called Winner's Bitch.  This is where you get the points towards the championship.  Albert Lea was a smaller show, so there were only two girl classes, so there were only 2 girls up for Winner's Bitch.  50/50 shot right?

So in the ring we go....

Yay!  Vivi won Winner's Bitch!  She got 1 more point towards her championship!!  But wait...there's more to a dog show than Winner's Bitch!

After Winner's Bitch has been awarded, then Winner's Bitch & Winner's Dog, along with any other "specials" (sounds like a lunch platter, but actually means a dog that already has his/her championship) go in for Best of Breed.  Since there weren't any specials entered at this show, it was just WD vs WB for Best of Breed.  Wanna watch?

OMG!!  You saw that right!  Vivi got Best of Breed!  So ladies & gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to BOB (Best of Breed)--
hehehehe I bet you all thought there would be a photo of a puppy named Bob in here somewhere didn't you??  And yeah...she's doing exactly what dance you think she's doing in this photo!!  What a nut!

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing our win first...ok secondhand...It was a lot of fun & quite the day!!  Oh that's's not over, but this post is.

Next up...what's after BOB you ask??  Group...ah yes, group. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Scream....

You scream!  We all scream for ice cream!

Hasn't this summer been wonderfully summerlike??  Ahhh I know many don't care for it, but it's a great excuse for ice cream isn't it??!!  I don't eat a lot of dairy products, but I "suffer" for ice cream...almost any flavor, but my favorite is Peppermint Bon Bon...which I found out is a local name...most commonly known as Mint Chocolate Chip.  Yumm..

Guess who else likes ice cream???  Pup cups from DQ in particular??
"Howie I wants some too!!"
"Yay!  Wez share!!"
They're a little messy...drool not included....
"Oh it's so good momma!!
"Yeah momma!  Sooooo good!"
"Fanks Momma!!"
Hmmm...did you guess right?
Happy Summer 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday Boy!!!!

Happy Birfday to you!  Happy Birfday to you!  Happy Birfday dear Docccccceeeeee!!!  Happy Birfday to youuuuuuu!!!
Last Thursday was Doc's 5th birthday!!  Of course we had a big ol' bully party complete with party favors for the guests (aka bones for Howie & Vivi), prezzies for the birthday boy & of course the birthday bandanna for the guest of honor!!  At our house, no bully party is complete without....
(look--Vivi's so excited she forgot to wipe the drool off her lip)
McDonald's burgers & fries!!!  (With some regular dog food mixed in--no, no green beans this year).  All the bullies enjoyed their meal, but Doc does seem the happiest (look at that smile)!
After dinner it was party time!!  Doc got to open his present...he only got one...but it was a big one for his big birthday!!  He made sure to check out everything as thoroughly as only Doc could.
Vivi thought she should help him check things out.  I think she just wanted to practice for her own birthday in September.
After Doc picked out his bone, he decided to get a closer look at his big prezzie!!  A new couch bed!!!
Howie was very excited for him...oh no, wait...he was excited for his party favor I think....
And Vivi...well, I think she was just super happy for Doc...oh no, err...she TOO is staring at the party favors.
Then after some obligatory party photos....
"Cheeeeessseeeeeeee Momma!!"
And the bullies sang happy birfday to Doc....
(Ok, maybe not everyone enjoyed Howie's version....I thought he did a good job though!)
Then it was time to have the party favors....and all Howie was happy!
Happy 5th Birthday Doc!!!
Love you Doodle!!!