Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ribbons & Cake

This past weekend, Vivi & I headed to St. Cloud, Minnesota for a show.  This show is about 1 hour from us, but there was road construction & detours & it was at 2pm on Saturday (we usually show right away in the morning)...all those things lead me to be all out of sorts & literally walk into the show site at 2:05pm!  Talk about a fast show...I walked in, waited about 10 mins for us to go in the ring & then was on my way home!  LOL

On Sunday, we showed a bit earlier & Steve was able to come with so we got there in plenty of time to sit ringside & relax a bit.  That felt much better.  I did have a little conversation with Vivi before the show & while in the ring...see, Sunday was my birthday & I told her that ALL she had to get me for my birthday was a win...and she did!  What a great birthday present!

"A Girl & Her Bully In the Skyway"
"Mommas got cake, I got dees rwibbons.."
"I fink I'd wike to have da cake next time."

Monday, December 12, 2011

How Did This Happen?

WOW!!  How is it possible that December is almost at the mid-way mark??  This year seems to have gone very fast & I'm not sure why.  I mean, I know I was busy most of the summer with shows & my new found love of sewing, but still.  Jeez!!!  2012 will be here before any of us know it!

I always seems to be apologizing for my lack of posts this year.  I am compiling a list of things I'd like to accomplish in 2012 & along with keeping my kitchen table junk mail-free (that's honestly all that is on that thing right now), I'm going to add blogging more...back to how it was.  I love blogging, but I guess I let life get in the way...man, looking at the total of posts during 2010 & 2011...dang...makes me sad.

I will say that I'm grateful that it's all good things keeping me from blogging in 2011, so in that respect I shouldn't be sad.  So for those of you still reading this blog, thank you!  I promise, right here, right now, I will try VERY hard to blog much more in 2012 than I did in 2011!!

In typical procrastination fashion, I have yet to even take the bullies' photo for our Christmas card...man I need to get on that.  Have all of you done your Christmas photos yet?  Any bully seen Santapaws?  If so, please send them to me & I will post them in the upcoming weeks for a very festive look for The Bully Beat!!  Plus, I think they will give me the motivation to get our photos done!!!

"Yeah frwends!  Send our momma yourz photos!  We want to sees them too!"
Wuv-Howie, Vivi & Doc

Monday, November 14, 2011

What are you doing this weekend??

If you're in the Twin Cities & you love dogs & think craft fairs are a great place to get great gifts then boy do I have something you MUST put on your calendar!!

This Sunday, November 20th from noon-4pm the St Paul Minneapolis Bulldog Club will be holding it's first ever "Barktique" in White Bear Lake!  What's a Barktique you ask...well, think Boutique with goodies & gifts for dog owners & dogs!!!  Get it??  BARK-TIQUE?? 

So many of our own club members in addition to other talented dog lovers will have their own handmade items for sale & I must say we do have a talented group of people!!  Yours truly will even have a few different items at the Barktique...want a sneak peak of some of the items??

There will be beauitfully hand drawn breed note cards

Really cute jewelry items
Wonderfully warm afghans in both baby & adult sizes
I plan on having some wristlets, tote bags & coin purses too!  So far many are a work in progress (mostly because my sewing machine --aka Kenny--decided to pull an attitude this weekend), but you'll get the idea & see the cutest fabrics I've been working with!!
So come one, come all!  Come to the Barktique!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanks Veterans

We would like to thank all our service men & women & their families for their sacrifices for our freedom!  Thank you!!
Happy Veteran's Day!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Bulloween Everybully!!!

Yay!!  What's more fun than having 3 super cute bullies??  Dressing up said cute bullies for Bulloween!!! 
In past years we've had:
a Cop
a Bullerina
a King
a Bumbledoc

This year we went a somewhat traditional route in the costume department.  Meet my Pumpkin Patch!!

We really hope you all had a safe & fun Bulloween!!  What did you/your bullies dress up as??  We'd love to see photos!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

I found Minnie's Canine Cousin....

Vivi Mouse!!


Our bulldog club had its Halloween Party Sunday & I wasn't sure what Vivian wanted to be so I put this together for her...

Awww...a bully after my own Disney heart!!

Happy early Halloween everyone!
Sadly...none of the items that may scream "Halloween Costume" were purchased for such...I honestly just had the ears, the dress (a recent $3 find at Petco) & my headband on hand...not sure why I'm telling you that, makes me look weird doesn't it?  :0)

Have no fear, the boys will be dressed up for the actual holiday!  Hmmm...what WILL they be?????? 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

Ahhh...one guess at what I did this weekend??
If you guessed dog show, you're correct.  Love my after-show naps, especially when I have my nap buddies keeping me company.  Vivi & I had some early mornings to drive to Iowa this weekend & the drive was nice & uneventful.  We don't have anything more to report on the show though...so the highlight was this nap & some good breakfasts w/great bulldoggers!

This week it got colder again in MN.  Boo!  Yesterday morning it was 40 degrees as I was driving to Iowa...no good.  The week before it was in the mid-to-upper 80s...it was heavenly.  I took these photos last week...glad I did, the majority of the leaves are now at the compost site (thanks Steve!).  The tree was really pretty this year!

This weekend also brought out some tears.  Two good friends lost their doggies to the rainbow bridge.  My heart aches for them both & their losses remind me of how thankful I am for any time with my bullies & kitties and I will enjoy every second I have with them.

Hope you all had a great weekend & hug your bullies/doggies/kitties!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

...well almost...maybe someday I'll do a true Wordless Wednesday.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ok, a real update...

Ahhh my blog!  My friends!!  How ARE you??  Omg!  It's October!!  How did that happen!!??  I'm sorry I've been so sporadic in my posts!  This summer was crazy busy with showing Vivi--which I have posted are highlights--and the remodel of the bathroom...which again, I've posted.  Of course we did more than just that...we had to...let's see....what else did we do...take a look:
Vivi eyes my breakfast in a hotel near Milwaukee, WI.
Vivi takes time to work on her camouflaging.  She's getting good at it.
Vivi got taken on walks by baby Winnie...Vivi let her.
We drove through small towns & saw things like this.....
and lots of cornfields.

At home, we did fun things like playing with a frisbee disc.
 They also played with Daddy through the window!  He's silly that Steve.
Doc tested out the bedding around the house...
Steve & I went to Disney World.
When in Disney World, I met up with a friend of mine (Jen) & her bulldog Twister.  It was great to get a bulldog fix when in Disney World...one that wasn't made of Legos.  :0)
Lastly, I did a lot...and I mean a LOT of sewing this summer!!  Which of course I loved!!  Here are a few of the goodies I made!!!
 So yeah...I've been a bit busy!  :0)  So I hope this novel of a photo post gives you a good idea of why my posts have been so few & far between.  Things are slowing down a bit & we do still have a few shows in the next couple weeks before they really dry up for the season; so I'm guessing I'll have some stories or photos to share!

Until then.....thank you all for reading & I really do hope you're all doing well & had a great summer!!

Have  a great week everybully!!