Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Recap guess at what I did this weekend??
If you guessed dog show, you're correct.  Love my after-show naps, especially when I have my nap buddies keeping me company.  Vivi & I had some early mornings to drive to Iowa this weekend & the drive was nice & uneventful.  We don't have anything more to report on the show the highlight was this nap & some good breakfasts w/great bulldoggers!

This week it got colder again in MN.  Boo!  Yesterday morning it was 40 degrees as I was driving to good.  The week before it was in the mid-to-upper was heavenly.  I took these photos last week...glad I did, the majority of the leaves are now at the compost site (thanks Steve!).  The tree was really pretty this year!

This weekend also brought out some tears.  Two good friends lost their doggies to the rainbow bridge.  My heart aches for them both & their losses remind me of how thankful I am for any time with my bullies & kitties and I will enjoy every second I have with them.

Hope you all had a great weekend & hug your bullies/doggies/kitties!!