Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh the wheels....they are a turnin'!!

So the pumpkin pie is almost gone, Black Friday sales are over (how did you all make out??) & another snow storm is coming---great...but really what does all this mean??!!

Christmas cards people!  Christmas cards!!!  I have an idea...and I even have an accomplice in this task this year (you know who you are), I just hope I can pull it off!  Last year's was pretty dang I have some high expectations of myself (not sure anyone else even cares).

So hopefully I will have it all taken care of early enough that I don't have to pay to RUSH the cards to me this time....only time will tell.  I'm at least keeping up on my photo taking....look at these crazy action shots taken tonight!

Phew!!  Glad I had the camera set to "sports"!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everybully!!

From our turkey legs, to yours....
We wish you all a very happy & safe Thanksgiving!

Doc is thankful for licks
Howie is thankful for naps
Vivi is thankful for toys
I'm thankful for all the giggles these bullies have given me.  Of course, I'm most thankful to the one that started it all!  I wouldn't be doing any of this if it were not for Ollie!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gift Idea

Ok, this is too funny not to post!  There are many of us who know some dog people that may get a kick out of this so I thought I'd pass it along!!

Hahaha!  It's Strawberry Scented Poo-Poo Soap!  Hahahahaha!!  Omg I totally laughed out loud when I saw this!!  You gotta love the internet!  I mean, where else can buy gag gifts like this?? 

I bet you're all wondering if I bought it or not right??  Well, I guess time will tell....the holiday season is right around the corner!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hey Monday...

This is what Vivi thinks of you!!
Hope everybully has a great week!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just had to share

Last week there was the most beautiful sunrise in these parts!  I'm so surprised these photos turned out!  It's amazing how fast the colors changed...I wasn't outside for more than 5 min!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What I Woke Up To

It's not a surprise, I knew it was coming & at least it happened on a weekend so I don't have to deal with traffic...and I it's kinda pretty from the inside of the house at least.  It's still coming down, good day to just stay in!

Howie & Vivi loved it though!
Vivi ran around with her tongue out (of course) catching flakes as she zoomed by!
Howie did some running...
And some hand stands...
And some eating...
And some more running...
We came inside & Vivi still couldn't stop watching the snow!
Happy Weekend Everybully!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Awesome People for an PAWSOME Cause

I'm THRILLED to share the following with you!  It just proves once again how great people are!!

Steve recently forwarded on an email to me that he received at work.  They (the police department) was made aware that the bomb, drug & police canines serving our country over in Iraq needed toys & treats & they were going to have a Toy & Treat Drive for the Military K9s!!  He said, "we really should donate to this!"

Well of course we should!!  And I bet others would too!!  Soooo....the power of an email to a few people & POOF!!!  Donations!  Donations!!  Donations for these VERY deserving K9s that sniff out bombs & cadavers for their human solider counterparts.  I mean, can you imagine your bully with not one toy or treat??  Of course not!  They have PLENTY and well, no offense, but our bullies have nothing on these K9s! 

I'm happy to say that after I sent the email (with permission from the PD) to a few club member friends, it was approved to mention to members on the SPMBC Facebook page to bring donations to the meeting.  I think I left with 6 bags full of toys that day!!  At the meeting, the club made a VERY generous cash donation to buy toys & treats!  A friend mentioned it to local obedience school that was having a 3-Day Rally/Obedience trial & they put out a box for donations!  Amazing, amazing response!!

Thanks to all who donated!!  We ended up with 4 garbage bags & 1 medium-size box FULL of toys & treats!!  WOW!!  I can't wait for these doggies to get these care packages!  I certainly hope it brings a smile to all their faces!!

Just some of the donations we received to bring in!!

And in case you were wondering... all the toys & treats were given the bully seal of approval!
"Oh my goodness..we have a big job to do!"
"Momma, Iz gotta check these out..."
"Ok, this is some nice's ok to go!"
"Momma-these are ready to go too!"
Thanks again everyone!!  I just KNEW this was going to be something many of my dog friends would want to help with!!  I'm so excited that the PD had such a great response to this!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You Veterans!!!

Today is Veterans Day!  Blue Line Bulldogs would like to thank every one who has served or is serving our country so we can enjoy our freedoms here in the USA!!  We are so grateful for your service & appreciate everything you've done for all of us!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

She Makes Me Giggle...

Overall, Vivi is a pretty laid back bully.  She loves to snuggle w/her momma, doesn't like to start trouble with the boys (unless Howie walks by her when she's sleeping--it's the weirdest thing) & is content to sitting in a pile of clothes.

That's why I find it so funny when she gets possessive of things.  It's usually only things she can carry in her've seen the photos, the stick, the ribbons, the ball...well the other day I gave her an empty paper towel roll.  You guessed, she puts it in her mouth, her tail goes straight back,
she marches quickly into the other room, finds shelter under a table & just sits there.
She doesn't gnaw on it or eat it or play with it...She just sits there, with the roll in ther mouth and a look on her face that says, "MINE & I LOOVE IT!"
"I'm not sharing Momma!!"
Until I do take it away from her & then she's sad....
 and sulky....
Awww...Poor Vivi...but I bet she made YOU giggle too didn't she??

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wow, a BIG week!

It sure went fast too!!  Came back from the show to trick-or-treaters!  Aren't my helpers the scariest??
It was month end at work this week so I knew I'd be busy & I wanted to get to work early on Wednesday morning.  I was to the park & ride by 7am & was all proud of myself (I like my sleep...and snooze buttons)!  I got out of the front seat & went to the back seat to get my bag.  I normally don't put my bag in the back, but it was very heavy because I had my work laptop in it.  Anyway, so I started getting my bag ready, put the keys away, got my bus card out, etc.

Then I decided I was going to wait in the car for the bus & shut the door & went to the front door...LOCKED!  Back door....LOCKED!  Patted my pocket....oh crud...keys are IN THE BAG!!  Bag is in the BACK the LOCKED car!!!  So is my phone.  And my work computer.  And my...well everything!  Ugh!

So funny how much we rely on our cell phones these days.  I just stood there, I break my window?  No, no...but what do I do?  I'm right next to a mall, but it's not open...heck, I don't even have enough money in my pocket to make a phone they even have public phones anymore?  What DID I have in my pocket??  Some tissues (clean), a quarter & a bobby pin. I pull a MacGuyver & open the door somehow?

Ah no...instead I head to the bus where people are entering & I stop some nice lady (who must have seen the fear & panic in my eyes) & ask her if she hadaphoneIcouldborrowbecauseIlockedeverythinginmycar...she handed me her phone with NO hesitation at all.

But then I got the phone & I blanked...who was I going to call?  I don't remember anyone's number anymore!  That's what my phone is for!  LOL  Thankfully I remembered my in-laws number & they were up & came to my rescue!!  My father-in-law came to bring me home to get the 2nd set of keys...only to have him get there & I remembered BOTH sets of keys were in the car!  Agggh!!!

All I could do was laugh.  My mother-in-law called for help & within 15 min a lockout service came & 1 hour after I arrived at the park & ride & $80 later, I was on my way to work...on the late bus!  Well, I tried to be early...guess this was just God's way of telling me I should have slept in!

Thankfully the rest of the week went much better and now I'm excited for a no plan weekend!!  Yay!

Special thanks to my heroes Steve & Judy for helping me Wednesday morning!! 

Hope you all had a great week & have an even better weekend!