Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Old Friend, An Owie, Some Ribbons & A Project

 A week in review (with photos)

Since we had Ollie in 2005, there was an albino squirrel we named Al, in our neighborhood.  A few weeks ago I saw Al laying in the middle of the street right outside our house.  I teared up a bit.  About 20 min later...he was gone.  I have to admit, I was thinking of taking him myself & give him a proper burial, but I thought better of it.  Where did he go?  I don't know...but I DO know last week, we had a baby Al & a baby black squirrel (see him coming down the tree trunk), in our front yard!!  Yay!  Al (or Al Jr) is back!!
One night last week I happened to look down at Doc's back feet & saw something...OWWWWEEEE!  Poor Doc!  It looks like an interdigital cyst, but it doesn't at the same time.  I'm treating it as such as I did send the photo around & asked others what they thought, but dang...it's clearly already popped.  It looks like a deflated pink grape...poor thing.
Vivi had a show in Onalaska, WI (near La Crosse) this past weekend.  So we made the 2.5 hour trip on both Saturday & Sunday.  We were on the road each morning by 5am...but it was worth it because Vivi won Winner's Bitch on Sunday, getting another point towards her AKC Championship.  Yay Vivi!!
"My Wibbons"
Finally, a project (and I use that term loosely) I've had on my "to do" list for months, finally got done this past week!  It started with a photo I took of Ollie about 3 weeks before he passed & I always loved it of him. 
This winter I ended up getting the same photo of Howie, Doc & Vivi.  In February, I bought a frame...just didn't have the photos developed yet.  So I finally made myself take the USB drive with the photos I've had in my bag since May to Target & had the photos developed (sooooo old school) & then poof!  Finished project!!  Yay!!
Wow...what a fun week in review!  Hope you all had a great week too!!


  1. Someday when we talk next remind me to share my "white squirrel" story!

    Congrats to Vivi on the win!

    Poor Doc - that looks like a nasty owie! :(

    I love-love-love the photos of all the pupps in the same pose - so cool!!

    Julie M. :)

  2. Congrats on the point! Cute squirrels!

  3. hope Doc feels better soon, congrats on the "wibbons" and I LOVE the photo frame with all your bullies, so cute!

  4. I love those photos.. They are such great pictures.