Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Week Review via Instagram

Betty takes some great photos & using the app Instagram is my new favorite way to edit them!  Check out these cute photos I took.  It helps that I have some really great models!

Look closely at this one...all my loves in a row...Law, Pippa (both on my lap), Vivi, Doc, Howie.
And yes...her tongue is almost always out...

If you haven't already embraced Instagram, I would highly suggest it!!

Hope you're all had a great week!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Where Does the Time Go?

It's been six years....six.  I can't believe it.  Did you know every six years the date falls on the same day of the week?  It was a Saturday, it was sunny & warm--just like today.  But instead of focusing on the sad times, I want to focus on the good times.  The happy times!  That's how I remember my Lil' Dude most often anyway!

So with that being said...
Oliver-We miss you every day!  You still make us smile when we think of the funny things you did (like crash through the living room window-screen) & we we thank you so much for bringing Howard, Doc & Vivian into our lives...we KNOW you had everything to do with that!  You would have LOVED being a big brother!  Have fun with Sassy on the Bridge and feel free to visit us in our dreams!  Love-Momma & Daddy

4 months old
4 months old--Cop for Halloween
Interrogating Great Grama 
2 months old
1 year old
10 months old

 "Ollie Warhol"--best thing I ever had made!

 Hug your bullies today!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Well kinda wordless...we all know I can't just post a photo without words...I've tried...

Vivi's hair is truly EVERYWHERE!
As I was shutting the hatchback of my car I saw this.  :0)  I bet other dog owners can relate!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Well I'm not a millionaire...

Like a few others out there, I had hoped to be part of the Mega Millions jackpot on Friday.  I had such grand plans with those dollars...but alas, those plans will have to wait until next time I guess.

On Saturday night I wrote out a great blog post...including videos & photos...but this site apparently did not save it...grrrrr....not happy.  So I'll try to remember what I said last night...I know, I know, it was only last night, sad but some things I just don't remember.

For those that have asked, Pippa (our new kitten), is fitting in great!  So much better than we had ever hoped.  After our first night together, I never thought getting along was going to happen.  Doc, my most mellow fellow, was surprisingly the worst!

The next morning, I sat down all the animals & said, "ok, we're going to get along!"  I took about 2 hours & just made them become friends.  Guess it worked!  I forget how funny kitten can be.  It's been so long since I had a kitten in my life.  

She carries around anything she can in her mouth...socks, toys, bottle caps...she doesn't care, she'll move it.  She plays with both cat & dog toys...and like I said, socks.  I will throw socks down to the basement to bring to the laundry & then I'll find them in the kitchen.  She's a nut!

Law is Pippa's favorite "friend" to attack.  Poor Law.  He puts up with her, but will put her in her place as well.  It's kinda funny though...Law will just be walking by & Pippa will jump on his back as he's walking by & Law is like..."aggghhh Pippa!"

Here are some fun photos I took with my beloved Betty (iPhone).  There are so many great photo apps on there to make photos even more fun.  It does help that I have great models!

Vivi in her new cow panties (by moi)!  Are they cute??  Omgosh I think they are!  Hahaha!

I hope you all had a great weekend!  I did some cleaning & sewing (what else is new right--sorry, I love to sew!).  Steve painted our bathroom with the help of his mom!  (Thank you both so much!!)  Weather was NOTHING like they promised...err...predicted, but today was better than yesterday & it's still better than it should be this time of year so I'm not complaining (too loudly). 

Have a great week!