Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Doodle Spin On A Classic

Hi Everybully!  It's me, Doc!!  Momma is busy sewing & buying fabrics (she's the only person I know who claps after she leaves a fabric outlet store--true story), so she said I could do a blog post today!!  Well!!  You all are in for quite the post!!

See, I'm what you call an "old soul"...or at least that's what Momma tells me....and I like to think I'm an elder of sorts to Howie & Vivi.  Therefore I'm the resident bully storyteller & today my friends, you are my audience!!

Once upon a time, in a bully kingdom where the winter weather kept both humans & bullies inside, lived a bulldog named Goldilo....err...I mean GoldiDocs.  GoldiDocs was a gentle bully, who enjoyed sitting back & taking in his surroundings.  Some would mistake this for laziness or sleeping, but I assure you, GoldiDocs was always aware of what was going on.

One winter weekend, GoldiDocs found himself bored with his usual place to sit on the couch & was in search of something new.
"Yep, I'm bored.  I'm going to find a new place"

So off went our hero, GoldiDocs, in search of a new place to sit.  GoldiDocs didn't get far before he tested out his first new spot.
"Hmmm...no, this spot is too hard...oops, sorry that's Daddy...(sigh) I...will go find another spot."

GoldiDocs decided to stroll his way down the hall to the a bright & cheerful room.  He was very excited to see it had a chair with a cushion!
"Hmmm...yes, this is much softer than the last spot, but it's much too bright!"

Always the perfectionist, GoldiDocs continued on his way to find the perfect spot.  He happened upon the biggest & cushiest chair in the whole kingdom!  The only problem is that he would have to share the spot.
"That's ok, I don't mind sharing."

Just as GoldiDocs was settling in to the big cushy chair, he saw IT!  THE perfect spot!!  So he immediately headed over there to test it out!
"Ahhh...this is it!  This is the spot!!  Oh...I'm back on the couch...well...I can't help that I don't like change."

So our beloved GoldiDocs finally found his favorite spot with nothing but determination & a hankering for comfort.  And he snoozed happily ever after!

Thanks for reading everybully!!  Hope you enjoyed mine....errrr...I mean GoldiDocs story!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My "Little" Project

***WARNING...photos may be upsetting to some readers AND this is a LONG post***

For nearly the last week I've been working on a little project...that I knew would be anything but little.  I'm happy to say at 1am this morning it was finally done!!  Yiiiippppeeeee!!!  What is it?  What is this project that causes such joy you ask??

I took this room, in all its messy, unorganized glory....
And turned it into this....
Omg I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!  Steve thought of making our spare bedroom into my sewing room & he gave me the sewing table for Christmas.  We had the spare bed in there for nearly 10 years & I think we've had only a handful of people even stay over...so yeah, why not??!! 

As you can see, it was really just a big walk-in closet/catch all room.  The bed held my bags, Steve's protective vest & was the kitties favorite napping place.  The closet...well, it was just easier to keep the door open...Overall, it was a mess, there were photos upon photos, new & full photo albums, and hidden treasures like lots of wedding stuff (including print outs of our registries--doesn't everyone have a copy of theirs?)...all under the bed.

Ugh...yeah, I'm a packrat...I know I am...

But I trekked on & wasn't scared or disappointed in the days worth of decluttering, tossing, organizing, dusting, vacuuming & making furniture.  Yep, I put together the 2 bookcases AND the 96-lb (& about 300 piece) sewing table.   I turned this:
Into this:
Only took me 4 hours & 15 min too!  hahahahaha  I'm so dang proud...it has about 4 million screws & hinges, but the thing I'm most proud of...it has a sliding drawer...all put together by me...
Didn't think I could do it...even asked my dad to come help...but he couldn't make it until the next day & I just couldn't wait.  You can see the pride in my own eyes...and the mess still in the closet!!
I was finally able to put up some of my favorite things in this room!  Here are some great bulldog prints I have had for YEARS just waiting to go somewhere!!
Here is "Woof".  He was one of my first stuffed animals, in fact, he may have been bigger than me when I got him as a gift...oh & he WAS bright orange!  He has been loved.
"My" chair that I received from my grandparents for my 8th birthday.  This was a chair they had at their house that apparently I said was "mine" as a very little girl.  They painted it for me back then & while it probably should be repainted again, I think it just fits perfectly in the room as is!  Doc has given his approval too.
Howie was happy to see the mirror back on the dresser where it belongs rather than in a corner collecting dust...not that he uses it of course...
Oh & because I don't have a large inventory of thread, I got creative with displaying some fun bulldog items!
Sorry to go on & on, but this has been my life the last week & I'm just so excited to start sewing here..
Hope your week was just as productive everybully!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Look at that!!! 1/11/11!!!!

Of course I was going to blog about this sillies!!  Not going to be my greatest post by any stretch of the imagination, but when you're a numbers geek, you do what you have to do right??  I have a reputation to live up to after all.

1/11/11...say it again...1/11/11!!  How fun is that??  You can't really screw up typing or writing out today's date...but I bet some had to really think when they did it...I know I did!  This year is really going to be great for me because 11 is my favorite number!  I can NOT wait until 11/11/11...I will most likely take the day off to celebrate this number geek occasion!!  Hmmm....wonder what I'll do?  Any suggestions??

Oh & today I made an appointment for 2/22/11...I smiled & in my head I'm did the math equation 2*11=22 Aggghh!...yep...dork.  Hey, at least I can admit it.

So congrats to all those that had babies or got married today...what a fun date to remember...can't really forget it...so long as you can remember one number you're set!!

Howie & Doc celebrated 1/11/11 like it was no big deal...silly bullies!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, New Attitude??

On New Year's Eve, I gave Doc & Howie each a new stuffy toy they got from Grandma Judy for Christmas.  I'm used to Howie killing stuffy toys within 5 minutes or less...but to ring in the new year Doc decided to kill the stuffy in record time.
...and Howie...his lasted more than a day!!! 
Then it died....glad somethings just never change....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Since it's MY blog...

I can blog about what I want to right?!!  Right! 

As many of you know, Steve & I are HUGE Disney World fans!  We have been very lucky to travel there almost yearly since 2004!
On some of our trips we have witnessed very special guests having a magical trip just like us.  However, unlike us, they may not have the chance to get another trip.  Not to be a downer, because these trips mean the exact opposite to these special guests!  They are children with life-threatening illnesses who dream of visiting Disney World like most kids do, however with their medical situations it's not as easy as just booking a trip.

Thankfully there are some organizations who help these children & their families!  One of these organizations is called Give Kids the World.  They have been creating magical memories for over 20 years.  GKTW does not just make sure the kids & their families have a great trip, but instead gives them the opportunity to have the most memorable cost-free trip of a lifetime!

GKTW provides accommodations at their resort, donated park tickets, & meals for the children & their families for a week-long trip!!  They have Christmas EVERY week & even allow kids to have ice-cream for breakfast if they want!  After all, it's vacation!  It's all meant to allow these children who have spent too much time in hospitals & doing not-so-fun things to have fun!

This year there is an initiative in the Disney Fan Community to raise $1 million for GKTW.  They are calling it the Power of 10.  If 10,000 Disney fans can get 10 people to donate $10 to GKTW it will reach the goal of $1 million!!  I thought I could use my blog here to reach out & hope at least 10 of you decide to donate $10 to make a magical difference!

All the money raised is going to GKTW & there are a few different ways to donate:

-Text Message - Text the word DISGKTW to 50555. $10 is donated directly to GKTW.  The $10 is charged to your mobile phone bill.

-FirstGiving.com - http://www.firstgiving.com/disgktw - All donations made through this page are sent directly to GKTW, less a 5% processing fee charged by FirstGiving.

-Send a check directly to Give Kids the World. The mailing address is:

Give Kids the World
Power of 10 $1 Million Challenge
210 S Bass Rd
Kissimmee, Florida 34746

Of course no pressure!  Just thought I'd share my love of Disney World to my readers & if I can help in some small way for some child to get to go to Disney World & be able to experience the magic like I have, I will.

Happy New Year Everybully!!