Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bulldogs 101

Hi Everybully!!

Momma said since today is my birfday I can do a blog post! I decided, since I'm a year older & so much wiser, I will do a BPSA. (Bulldog Public Service Announcement!!) is my BPSA! I do hope it helps!

In case anyone asks....

Yep! Bulldogs shed!

PS-Momma said she Iz getting a party tonight!! Iz sooooo excited! She said, "you only turn 5 once." So I thinks Iz getting a good prezzie!! Paws crossed!!0

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eeek!!! Howie Got a Mouse!!!!

Ugh!!  I hate, hate, hate mice...even though when I was little & there was one in my bedroom I wanted to keep it!!  (Silly little Jenny)  It never fails that I'm the only one home when there is a mouse...and I have been known to jump up ON furniture to escape the little vermin.  Ish!  I just HATE them!!!

Normally the kitties take charge of mousing when needed (thankfully it's not very often).  But this time the kitties were too slow on getting this one!!  It may surprise you that I decided to grab the camera when Howie got a mouse this weekend!  That thing was HUGE!!!  He's my hero!
"I wub mousin'!  Iz takes him down wif my powerful bulldog ways!"
"Iz finks my super awesome pirate bandana gives me super mousin' powers!"
"Goodness!  This mouse is HUGE!  Iz so glad to save Momma from it!!"
"Cheeeeeeese Momma!  Hahahaha Get it??!!'s a mouse!  Hahaha  Iz a funny bulldog!"

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ummm...This Post Can't Wait!!!!

Vivi & I have been to lots of shows over the last month, nearly every weekend since Memorial Day.  Now it's almost Independence Day (how crazy is that!!) & I finally have some GREAT news to share!!

Mary, Bailey (Viv's half-sissy), Winnie (Mary's new Toller puppy--holy cute), Vivi & I headed to West Bend, Wisconsin this morning for a 3-day show including a specialty show today.

I'm happy to report Vivi WON!!!!!!!!!  She got her first major (you need 2 to get your Championship)!!!  Majors are kinda hard to come by, but specialty shows (shows that are just one breed) usually are majors.  I still can't believe it...even as I type this...while it's becoming more real, I still am in shock!

Wow...a major!! 
Vivi won Winner's Bitch & Best of Winners at the Milwaukee Bulldog Club's Specialty Show under Breeder Judge Jan Lewis!!  Woo hooo!!!!!!!