Friday, September 30, 2011

What in the World???

So Momma decides to post a video that looks like me, but not one of ME?! fairs.
Well, here...I'll post one of me...

It's my version of the happy dance!!

At the end momma says, "Vivi really likes the new mirror."  No momma....I just like to dance & show everybully my scary bark!!  I don't care about your mirror for the bafroom.  Iz a bulldog!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

You See This Yet?

Love this! 

Please note, while this bulldog does have a striking resemblance to Vivi (what a handsome/beautiful bulldog he/she is...), she has yet to give kisses like this to our kitties!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Update in Photos

I'm not quite sure where the last few weeks went but I can sum up some of the goings on this week in some photos...hold please...
Oh just makes me want to cry everytime I see it!!  THIS, my friends, is our remodeled bathroom...ignore the paint...that hasn't been done yet...but my gosh!!  The floor, the tub, the tile walls, the vanity (not shown)...even the them all!!
The bullies seem to like it too!!
"Oh Mommas...I fink it's purty!"
"Oh Mommas I supervised & it wooks very good!"
Howie had an impromptu trip to see Dr Jim this weekend.  Alls good now, but didn't want to take any was his eye.  He did a great job at the vet's office that they gave him this stylin' bandanna!
"Oh Mommas...I finks I looks so cool!  Let's go to the store & show my coolness off!!"
I've been busy working on these beauties!!  Not quite done, but will be soon!  :0)
Lastly, I saw these at the mall this weekend & pretty sure I hit a time warp!