Saturday, June 25, 2011

I don't know about you...

but I'm tired of waiting for momma to update this blog!  I mean we had LOTS going here lately! 
No really, we have!!!  Momma promises she will update soon!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Favorite Holiday!!!

Happy Flag Day Everybully!!!  Today is my favorite holiday!  No lie!  So many people don't even know what Flag Day is, or ask me why it's my favorite?  What is Flag Day can be found here, there won't be a test later, but hopefully next year you will remember & maybe celebrate it too!  Why is it my favorite--because one day I saw it on the calendar & thought, "Flag Day"  Bet no one really celebrates it though."  So I decided right then & there that I would celebrate it!!

And I have!!  Flags are out in the yard & even at my cube.  If dress code permits I will wear red, white & blue at work...complete with my super cute flag bracelet.  I have brought Flag Day to many co-workers' & friends' attention over the much so, my boss has it on her calendar as a reminder to wish me a Happy Flag Day!!  True Fact!

I love our flag, love my country, so I celebrate!!  Do you?  The bullies do!!
No t-shirts this year, just my sweet babies au natural!
If you celebrate, send me your photos!  Would love to post them!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Golden Birthday!!!

Today would have been Ollie's 6th birthday! 
To celebrate, the bullies had a very special golden birthday dinner!
That's right...a hamburger & sweet potato fries from Culvers!  They were LOVING it!!
"Hey bullies come up for air already!!!  Was it good guys???"
"Yummmmmmmm soooooooooo good momma!!  Fanks!  Happy Birfday Big Brofer Ollie!!"

Sunday, June 5, 2011

What a Weekend!!

Hi Everybully, it's me!  Vivi!
Momma & I have been very busy the last couple weekends...why you ask?  Well, it's show season again!  We went to Fargo, North Dakota this weekend, we were in St Peter, Minnesota last weekend & we were in Eau Claire, Wisconsin two weeks before that!  Phew!!  Oh hold on....Momma is telling me what to write....oh ok.  Momma said this coming weekend we have another show in Jordan, Minnesota...jeez!!  Busy, busy, busy!!

It's ok though cuz we don't have a lot of shows around these parts during the winter--and well that can last 6 months, that's what momma says anyway....But really, I'm a pro at this show stuff...after all I am almost 3 & I got into the show business (oh I made a funny) at the ripe old age of 6 months.  Momma & I work very well in the ring together.
 I'm so OK with showing that I can fall asleep waiting for the judge...
hehehe...ok, that's not true, but it looks like I am asleep doesn't it?? 

Momma says I kinda stick out cuz of my coloring...this photo kinda shows that doesn't it??  I think it's a good thing...I'm cool with that...maybe that will make me memorable??  Momma likes to sing, "one of these things is not like the other..." she's so silly my momma...look at all those girls...they all look different, wonder if their momma's sing them the same song??
Momma & I had lots of fun this weekend in Fargo & met all sorts of nice bulldogs & their owners.  We hung out in the hotel room a lot.  She sewed some cool collars & I supervised.
Here is Crash (isn't he a cutie??) with one of Momma's cool collars...his momma Deb said they are MAGIC COLLARS cuz as soon as Crash put on his cool collar he stopped panting!!  True fact!  I saw it happen!
Oh & so many people came to say hi to me & gived me hugs & pets!  This little girl stayed with me for a long time.  She was nice.
At our hotel there was a wedding going on in the courtyard...but I wasn't invited....sad.
Ok, I guess that's a lot for you to take in.  Sorry it was so long, but it was a big weekend & thank goodness I had photos to prove it all to you!!  Thanks for reading!
Vivi (& my momma)