Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heartache, Tears, Snuggles & Licks

It's with a broken heart I write today's post.  Last week my 17 1/2 year old kitty, Sassy, went to the (Rainbow) Bridge.
It was a very hard decision to make & I still can't believe she's not here anymore.  I chose to have it done at home, which is something I will never, ever regret.  It was peaceful & my last 30 minutes with her were in my arms & not in a car.  My last vision of her is one I will never forget of course, but I'm so happy it was here, where she was comfortable & with people who loved her.

Steve & my mom both were both here to also say goodbye.  Sassy lived with me for 6 years at my parents' house before Steve & I got married.
Steve surprised me with her at the house after we returned from our honeymoon...we had agreed neither of us were bringing any animals to our house.  I was devastated at the time, but Steve knew how much she meant to me & arranged for her to be there when we got home!  I'm so glad he did that...I can't imagine not having the last 11 years with her!

Not having her here is really weird & still surreal.  It's crazy to realize something so small, her nickname was "Peanut" because she was always so petite, had such a huge impact in our home/pack.  All the bullies knew better than to mess with her & if Sassy wanted to sleep on my lap, she'd move the bullies out of the way.
(I took this photo one day when I was working at home, all the animals were in a row, w/Sassy on my lap.  From closest to farthest...Law, Howie, Sassy, Vivi & Doc.  I love this photo.)

The bullies knew something was up for a few days...probably because I'd cry all the time.  They were in their kennels when we had the vet come & they were silent, completely silent.  So unlike them when a visitor comes to the house.  It's almost like they were paying their respects to her as well.

Law is missing his bestie & snuggle partner.  He's been my velcro kitty since it happened & I'm ok with that.  We're here for each other.  He even slept at my head that first night...just like Sassy would.  That made me smile...and cry.
I miss my getting ready in the morning partner, she would sit on the sink & drink water from the faucet.  Some mornings she'd jump up & give me a hug or want me to do her "eye makeup."
I miss my bedtime hand warmer...she'd start out sleeping on my hand...I have scars to prove it & am so happy to have them.  I miss my crabby little peanut girl, always telling you what was on her mind (hence her name)...that never went away.
I miss my sewing partner...she oversaw everything I made & made sure to help me whenever I needed it.
I miss everything about her...I had her for nearly half my life, that's a long time.  It's still just so weird.  I know I didn't write about her (or Law for that matter) much,
but I've had cats since I was 5-years-old & Sassy was the one I've had the really I'm a cat person first, bully momma 2nd...the bullies just get all the blog press.

Anyway, I wanted to give Sassy the blog press she deserved.
Miss you baby girl.

PS-The day it happened, I needed to get out of the house.  I got into my car & saw I had some white stuff on my vest.  When I looked down to brush it away, I saw this:
I gasped, started to cry & said, "she made it to the bridge.  She's with Ollie now."

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year Everybully!

So the holidays are over & just when you think you'll be bored with nothing to do this weekend here I come with some FANTASTIC news!!

We know what you can do this weekend!  Come to the biggest dog show in Minnesota & see Vivi!  Lots of bullies!  Lots of vendors!  Lots of other doggies to see too!  Oh & there is mini-donuts...not sure how you can pass that up?!

So if you're near St Paul & get up early come see us!!

Land O Lakes Kennel Club Dog Show
St Paul River Centre
Saturday, January 7th & Sunday, January 8th
Ring 14
830am (both days)

Vivi & I would love to see you!