Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Flag Day

Happy Flag Day everybully!!

Hope you all enjoy my favorite holiday!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

How Do I Even Tell You This...

I still don't believe it myself, so I'm having a hard time preparing this post.  But you guys....on Saturday, Vivi WON IN FARGO!!!!  This win gave her the 2nd major win she needed & therefore she earned her AKC Championship!!!  OMG!!!

I don't have any (clear) photos to show you, but I do have a video to share.  It's eleven short videos of our Open Class & Winner's Bitch Class & win.  My awesome friend & travel partner, Kristen, took the videos for me & I'm so very glad to have them...watching them over & over & over again almost makes me believe it!!  Ha!!

On Sunday, I showed Vivi as a "special," meaning since she is now a Champion she is no longer shown in the regular classes, but now in the Best of Breed class.  A few years ago, AKC implemented a Grand Champion title for dogs that have already gotten their that's what Vivi could try for next.

For a Grand CH, you need more points & more majors & you have to beat other specials....and on Sunday, Vivi got Best of Opposite (Best of Breed was a boy dog, so the judge needed to select a girl dog in the Best of Breed class--there was the Winner's Bitch, another special girl & Vivi)!  That placement got Vivi a 5 point major towards her Grand Championship!!!  Kinda crazy to think, considering how long it took to get her first & second major for her regular championship!  But we'll take it!  Hahahaha!!

Here is that win photo:
Soon I will give you more details on the entire weekend!!  It was a lot of fun...for more than the obvious reason!  :0)

Hope all of your weekends was just as great as mine!