Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Broken Hearted

I'm sad to report that today our beloved Doc went to the Bridge.

His symptoms were similar to a brain tumor & while we didn't have the MRI done to confirm, we didn't want him to suffer any more.

I will post more about his symptoms at a later date, but in the meantime, please hug your bullies/dogs/kids a bit tighter tonight for my Doodle.

Doc-you were the coolest dog we've ever met & I'm not saying that because I was your momma.  You did things on "Doctime" & didn't care what we thought of that!  You were the sweetest, taught me how to show & were honestly such a good dog.  Period.  We will love you forever & miss you so much!  Have fun on the Bridge with Ollie, Sassy & Law--please visit us in our dreams!!  Love you Doodle Bug!--Momma Jinny, Momma Jinny & Big Daddy Steve, Howie, Vivi & Pippa

Monday, June 9, 2014

It's SUMMER!!!!!!

Summer, Summer, Summertimmmmmeee!!!!  Time to sit back & unwind!!  Everyone sing with me!!!  Ahhh the great songs of the '90s...brings me back!

I love me some summer...summer sun, summer warmth, summer = NO SNOW!!!!  We've been hanging out a lot, except for all the mosquitoes....jeez they're bad this year!

Summer also brings on hot bulldogs...is your bulldog ready for summer??  I have a few cool collars ready-to-ship!!  $25 includes shipping to US!!  (Sorry, no special orders at this price.)

They are made out of a shammylike material that you keep wet & can fill with ice or ice packs to help keep your bully cool!

I've even had requests from humans for these collars!!  After a hot day working in the garden or playing baseball, nothing cools you off faster!!!

So if you're interested, just send me an email at jen at bluelinebulldogs dot com & I'll send you photos of those I have left!

So stay cool this summer friends...whether by cool collar or by AC (Doc's preference)!

Monday, February 3, 2014

My Super Bowl Sunday

Oh sometimes I'm just soooo funny!!

Last week I was commissioned by my boss to make a fabric bowl for her wedding...eeek.  I mean, thanks for the confidence, but this is a wedding we're talking about.  Of course I was up for the challenge...I mean anytime I can play with my pretty fabric,
 look through my sewing books/magazines to find that pattern I KNOW I saw at some point,
 and have my bully helpers
...I'm a happy girl.

Oooh don't forget about Pinterest....gotta search that out too.  Oh the hours that get wasted there right??

Sweet!  Now I have plans for the weekend!!

Saturday I tried playing with two different patterns & but I wasn't totally in love...in fact I absolutely hated one.

(HATED this one!)
So on Sunday, I decided...well, hey it IS Super Bowl Sunday....might as well try again!!!

And bowl did I?
(my boss picked two of these for her wedding)
These were my favorite & turned out best.  They are actually a pattern for a bowl holder/potholder (think put this in the microwave & then a bowl on top of it, so then when you take it out of the microwave, you don't burn yourself....genius right??  Oh how I love the internets.)
Now granted, not all my bowls turned out as planned, but I tried & it was something I've never sewn before, so now of course I want to sew more bowls!  Maybe I'll have a few more Super Bowl Sundays in my future!  :0)
Doc says, "oh Momma Jinny, Momma Jinny....you make preeeetttty bowls."

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

So how is everybullly doing??  We're almost 1 month into 2014 already, which is hard to believe but considering how horribly cold it's been lately, I'm ready for February to start because that means we're one month closer to warmer weather....I hope anyway.

The bullies (& Pippa) are spending the cold days snuggled together,

 or carefully navigating the bully highway in the backyard.
I've been avoiding the cold/snow whenever possible...I mean, it's just so cold & there's just so much snow!
 (Photo of a 3 story parking ramp & the snow pile on the side...that pile won't be gone until June I swear.)
Sure, it's pretty....but enough is enough!

So to avoid the snow, I've been sewing...I even sewed myself some items last weekend.  My mom is teaching me how to crochet--which really is a great craft to do in front of the TV!!  So I made myself a crochet hook roll & bag to hold all my yarn.
In case you couldn't figure it out...I'm a big fan of dots...lots of dots.  And chevrons (you know the zig zags--did you know it had a real name?) are probably my second favorite print!  :0)
I hope everybully is doing well & staying warm!!

Happy 2014!!!!