Monday, February 3, 2014

My Super Bowl Sunday

Oh sometimes I'm just soooo funny!!

Last week I was commissioned by my boss to make a fabric bowl for her wedding...eeek.  I mean, thanks for the confidence, but this is a wedding we're talking about.  Of course I was up for the challenge...I mean anytime I can play with my pretty fabric,
 look through my sewing books/magazines to find that pattern I KNOW I saw at some point,
 and have my bully helpers
...I'm a happy girl.

Oooh don't forget about Pinterest....gotta search that out too.  Oh the hours that get wasted there right??

Sweet!  Now I have plans for the weekend!!

Saturday I tried playing with two different patterns & but I wasn't totally in fact I absolutely hated one.

(HATED this one!)
So on Sunday, I decided...well, hey it IS Super Bowl Sunday....might as well try again!!!

And bowl did I?
(my boss picked two of these for her wedding)
These were my favorite & turned out best.  They are actually a pattern for a bowl holder/potholder (think put this in the microwave & then a bowl on top of it, so then when you take it out of the microwave, you don't burn yourself....genius right??  Oh how I love the internets.)
Now granted, not all my bowls turned out as planned, but I tried & it was something I've never sewn before, so now of course I want to sew more bowls!  Maybe I'll have a few more Super Bowl Sundays in my future!  :0)
Doc says, "oh Momma Jinny, Momma make preeeetttty bowls."

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