Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Everybully!

We had a little photoshoot this afternoon to celebrate Bullyoween! My little models were so good...once they saw Momma had treats! LOL Hope you enjoy!
"Momma, Iz ready for the photoshoot! Where is everybullyelse??"

Vivi tries to eat Banana Doc! Doc looks like he's thrilled to be a banana doesn't he? Now that's one tough banana!
Ahhh finally, our bully banana bunch!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bully Life Lesson #3

Bully Life Lessons
~for bullies, by bullies~
by Momma

Life Lesson #3
Even BullyMommas
can go green!

"Umm Momma, Iz a boy bully!
Iz don't want to wear dis!"


"Momma!  Iz a boy bully too!
What da heck!"


"Mommas!  Iz a girl!  I wills
wear it!  I likes pink!"

"Iz soooooo happy!  I loves being
a bullerina!"

Yes Vivi!  This looks much better
on you!

Vivi 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's the little things

Today I read a post on a bully forum I frequent & someone, who unexpectedly lost her bulldog recently, said that not having a bully is torture. And you know? She' s right. When Ollie passed it was so hard & not only because he was gone, but because we'd remember all sorts of little sounds he'd do that were also gone.
Silence is torture after you lose a bully. I missed the snoring the most. I missed the "talking" too. Lastly, I missed the barks.

Thankfully, I'm catching up on all the silence I missed while we were waiting on Howie, Doc & Vivi to enter our lives! Last night we came home & after I got out of the car I heard the lovely sounds of 3 bullies barking in their room!! One would think you'd get annoyed by barking, but when you know what it's like when it's gone, you don't mind it one bit!!
Something as simple as a bark can really make you smile! So next time your bully barks & you're annoyed, just remember silence is torture & embrace the bark! I bet it makes you smile!

Bully Life Lesson #2

Bully Life Lessons
~for bullies, by bullies~
By Howie

Life Lesson #2
If your people go out of town, pack yourself!
That way, they won't miss you!

"You just need to find a suitcase
that you fit in."

"Check out your surroundings for the perfect fit."
"Then just close it shut and wait for your momma
to pack you up!""Momma! I'm all packed for our trip!"
"Doc, now you get in the other suitcase k?"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bully Life Lesson #1

Bully Life Lessons
~for bullies, by bullies~
by Vivi

Life Lesson #1
Show your happiness by the length of your tongue

"Apple, you're just a baby bully...
watch me & you will learn."

"See Apple? Having friends like Quest
makes you happy!! (See the length of my
tongue?? It equals Happiness!)"

"Wow, Vivi, that's really impressive!
You must be very, very happy!"

"Yep Apple! I AM happy! There you got it!
Good job! Keep at it & someday
your tongue will be as long as mine!"

Monday, October 26, 2009

Can I totally blogcheat here?

This past weekend I was lucky enough to have a Girls Weekend in the Happiest Place on Earth! It was a lot of fun! However, I wasn't the only girl in the Blue Line house to have a Girls Weekend!! Due to my superfantastic bully sitter's schedule (aka real life), I thought it may be best if Vivi could stay with she did!

Here's the cheating part...I'm sending you now to my friend's blog...she posted the sleepover there...super cute blog, along with really cute photos! Enjoy!!

Thanks again Mary!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wow! What a weekend!

I know it's already Tuesday night, but that just goes to prove what a crazy weekend we had. It started on Saturday where I ran my very first ever 5K!! I ran a real race...where I got a number & a time & even a t-shirt for finishing!! Time wasn't the greatest compared to others, but I'm not racing against others, I'm only racing against myself & I ran much better on Saturday than I did earlier in the week! Yay!

Sunday was the St Paul/Minneapolis Bulldog Club's meeting & Halloween Party! I decided to take both Vivi & Doc to the party. Howie got to go last year & he was VERY, VERY sad when I left with the other two bullies & I felt bad...but I brought him home treats so he was happy.

Doc & Vivi did really well at the meeting, which is what I was expecting of course, but you never know with all the excitement of the other bullies & people that were there! I was debating on their costumes...Should they be Snow White & the 1 Dwarf (Doc would play Doc of course)?? Or should I have a couple of bananas? It was a hard decision...but I finally decided on bananas & I'm glad I did because they won "Most Creative Costume!"

Just wait until all 3 go out Treat or Treating (let's face it...there will be no tricks w/them...they'll get the treats no matter what!)!! They will for sure be a hit!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bulldog Puppy Scam!

Grrr...can I just say how upset I am right now? I found out last night that a friend who is a very ethical & respected bulldog breeder here in Minnesota is now a victim of a puppy scam!! So often I think that the internet is such an amazing thing, but it can also bring out the scum of the earth! I mean to use her name & website to sell puppies that don't exist?! Wow...

Here is what we know so far...someone used her name & website & then posed as her "agent" to sell puppies. Selling puppies also means collecting money of course; and since there was no puppy to ship (which btw my friend does NOT ship puppies anywhere) once the money was received, the person disappeared....however, the new bully owner who sent the money was waiting for their puppy at the airport! This person would even show photos from my friend's site leading people to think this whole scam was legitimate!!

How awful is that? I mean, I've heard of these things before, but to know someone I'm close to is a now victim of such a thing? She had NO idea any of this was going on & only by happenstance was it just brought to her attention. Lord only knows how long this has been going on!!

Another bully breeder friend of mine has a great buyer beware page on her site. I recommend ANYONE who is thinking of getting a bulldog (or any dog for that matter) to read this! It's very important to do all your homework when it comes to buying a puppy; otherwise you, too, may fall victim of a puppy scam!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009's only Tuesday?

Man!! Not sure if it's the weather or what, but I am TIRED today! I should be doing laundry tonight, or cleaning the bathroom, instead I take my cue from my bullies on my evening agenda...we're just hanging out on the couch. They have the best ideas sometimes! hahaha!

This weekend is the club's Halloween party & as much as I wanted the bullies to be a bunch of bananas, I did find Vivi a more appropriate costume...
Ha! Get it! Bodanna's Blue Line Snow White?? Hahaha!! I really would like get have the boys be 2 of the 7 dwarfs, but I'm not creative enough for their costumes...any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh no! It's snow!!

Ugg...the first snow & very cold temp (29!!) of the year came on Saturday morning. I'm sooo not a fan of snow/winter & it's WAY too early for even Minnesota to have snow! But, the bullies seemed to enjoy it before it melted!

This blur of red, is Doc! He LOVES the snow, any amount of it! He will hop around like a bunny!

Howie was nosing around & then running around the deck like his tail was on fire! He's such a nut!

Vivi was as usual, quite the stinker out there! She was very curious, but knew right away that it was PLAYTIME!! She came rushing at me quite a few times!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So this is what I miss while I'm at work!?

On Thursday I was a part of a "H1N1 test" at work to see if we would bog down the system if many people were working from home at the same time. They were testing in the event that the actual H1N1 epidemic were to hit the office, COULD we still work from home...answer, I think test was a success anyway!

Since I was home, I had the luxury of seeing what the bullies do while I'm at work. So after they have breakfast & are up for the day, they play for about an hour & then it's naptime. How fun to be working w/my bullies snoring right next to me!

After naptime, which seems to last longer for Doc (who moves to our bed), it's playtime again. Howie has taken to play "Take the Bones Out". All of their bones are in a basket, he will take about 5 out one-by-one (soooo cute) & realize that it wasn't THE bone he wanted. Then he'll eventually knock over the whole basket, which will cause Vivi & him to scatter about for a second, then they'll head over & start going through the rest of the bones (which are now out of the basket).

This is the end result...bones & toys everywhere!!
Here, Howie & Vivi have to search out where they left their favorites!It was very fun to see their daytime rituals!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wow!! Over 1000 Visits

I can't believe it...since I've started tracking the blog I've had over 1000 visits! Now, I know it's a bit skewed & in the realm of the web, not a big deal, but I thought I would be the only one to read this blog. Kinda cool.

So I thank each of you for reading through my blog posts...some funny, some not, some informational, some not, but hopefully all entertaining enough to come back again to see what I have to blog about. Thanks to those of you who have left comments here on the blog or on the site. Another thank you to those who have sent me emails or told me in person something that made you laugh or that a photo I posted was cute.

It's just kinda cool to know I'm not the only one!
Thanks again!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

This is just a test...

This weekend Steve & I got iPhones. It seems there is an app for everything as I can now post blogs from my phone.

Ahhhh technology! You just gotta love it!

PS-I hope this works

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