Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Iz had a goodz birfday!

Fanks everybully for the birfday wishes!  I had such a good birfday party! 
Of course we all got our 1/2 of a McDonald's hamburger, some fries along with some of our food to even out the nutrition!
 It was YUMMMY!!!
 Vivi had just as much fun as I did!
 Here are my prezzies & bones for all bullies!  Isn't the stuffy funny?  It's a bulldog!
 Hehehe!  Vivi thought it was funny!
 Momma said we could have our bones...I was sad cuz it wasn't very good.
 But then she gave me my NEW bone & it was sooooooo yummy!
 Momma wanted to hold me like she did when I was a baby...Iz way heavier now!'s me & my momma giving me kisses.  I just loves her!

Over all my 3rd birfday was a huge success!  What a fun year it will be!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Party Time! Party Time! Party Time!!!

What?!  A party?!

Today is Howie's 3rd Birthday!!!  He's very excited for his birthday party tonight!  

What a sweet baby boy!

Happy Birthday Howie!  Get your party pants on!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I think my neighbor said it best...

It's like Summer (green leaves) is saying, "No!  There are more of us!  We win!  It's NOT time for Fall (red leaves)!"

Sure,'s pretty, but it's just not's not....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's about that that time of year!!

You know, the time of year where I totally embarrass my bullies!!


Sadly for the bullies, this year is no different!  But first, let's take a look back at past year's embarrassment...err...I mean bulldog smiles of Halloween fun!!

2005-Ollie was a cop...just like his daddy Steve!

In 2006, we were a bit late in the costume buying game & this was what was left in Ollie's size...he wore it well...not so much with a smile, but wore it well!
In 2008, I thought it would be cute if Howie & Doc were ladybugs...I mean, how cute is that?!  But as you can see, Doc wanted nothing to do with it....and well it didn't I did some more shopping...

 And Howie got to be King Howard & he LOVED every minute of it!
Doc was BumbleDoc & he liked it...I know deep down he did!

In 2009, I had to dress 3 bullies & what's better than a bunch of bananabullies??

That brings us to 2010...and what do we have in store for this year's costume??  Well there isn't much of a theme other than there are wings & they all have headgear to wear!
 Nananananananananananaaaaaa BatDoc & BatHowie!

And Vivi is a delicate Butterfly!

What are YOUR bullies & dogs going to be for Halloween???

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Wike my newf stipck Everybully?"

Hi Everybully-
It's me!  Vivi!

Momma & I went to a show on Saturday & because I was so good waiting for the show to start
She got me a prezzie!  It's a stick & it's purple!!  I loves it!  I carried it all the way to the car!  Much to the enjoyment of those walking into the show!  They all laughed at me!  Not sure why....
Hope you all had just as great as a Saturday as I did!


Friday, September 17, 2010

You Want a Mug?

So yesterday I posted about my Blue Line Bulldogs mug & surprisingly (or maybe jokingly) some of you said "where can I get one?"

Well, here you go! There are even 2 discount codes to use specifically for mugs!!

One is for 50% off for today until 3pm CDT! Here is that code: FFHS50OFFRRM

The other is $3.00 off & it's good through Monday! The code is: PROSTMUGSALE

Blue Line Logo-2010 Mugs from

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Check It Out

My new pen holder! Pretty stylin' right?

I don't drink coffee & my beloved Diet Coke just tastes wrong in a coffee in the pens go!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vivi's Bday Weekend Recap

The birthday party was a huge success!  Vivi was very excited for her bday dinner....McDonalds hamburger & fries of course (green beans were only in Doc's diet).

Howie was super excited for dinner too!
After dinner, Vivi got to see her prezzies...she got a stuffy, a wubba kong & some bones to share!
She was very happy!
On Friday morning, Vivi & I headed to Des Moines, IA for a 3-day show!  She didn't win any points, but each day it was a really big class & she placed 2 of the 3 shows!  Yay Vivi!!

We got to have lots of fun with our bully friends Fiona & Silvie
and Phin...he's so handsome!
Vivi also made new friends in the ring
Of course, she enjoyed her time at the hotel too...just chillin'
Phew!  So much happened since Thursday!  Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Two Special Days Rolled into One...

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I'll say it again.  I'm a date freak.  I love dates that add up (02/03/05), I love dates that are in order (08/09/10), I love dates that may mean good luck (07/07/07) & next year I may just have to have a party on 11/11/11---I mean 11 is my favorite number, but wow...I can't even think about how fun that day will be...but anyway, you get it, right?  I love dates.  I remember birthdays of people I went to grade school with...yes, I know I have issues, but again, I love dates.

So it was really no surprise that when Steve & I got engaged (12/11/98--it's my bday of course I'm going to remember it) & started thinking of wedding dates, it meant a bit more to me than other brides....cuz I love dates.  I once thought we could do 08/08/98 but that came & went; and 09/09/99 was a, we knew we needed a bit more time than 9 months to plan the wedding & get a house.  So it was soooo meant to be that 09/09/00 was OUR day!  It was a Saturday...perfect...the date is easy to remember...perfect...and of course I love it 09/09/00...nice!!

Happy 10th Anniversary Babe!  Love you!!
So fun that we went from this:
To this:

Now, you have to fast forward to 2008 & September 9th is once again a great day at our house!!  
It's somebully's birthday!!!  Here's a hint...she's smushy like a marshmellow
is a cuddler
loves her momma 
& is as cute as a button!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Vivi!!  We love you lots!  Can't wait for your birthday party!!!