Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Iz had a goodz birfday!

Fanks everybully for the birfday wishes!  I had such a good birfday party! 
Of course we all got our 1/2 of a McDonald's hamburger, some fries along with some of our food to even out the nutrition!
 It was YUMMMY!!!
 Vivi had just as much fun as I did!
 Here are my prezzies & bones for all bullies!  Isn't the stuffy funny?  It's a bulldog!
 Hehehe!  Vivi thought it was funny!
 Momma said we could have our bones...I was sad cuz it wasn't very good.
 But then she gave me my NEW bone & it was sooooooo yummy!
 Momma wanted to hold me like she did when I was a baby...Iz way heavier now!'s me & my momma giving me kisses.  I just loves her!

Over all my 3rd birfday was a huge success!  What a fun year it will be!!


  1. Hi Howie. My name is Bella. I'm looking forward to meeting you. I'll be the Cave Dog costume and my little pest will be in the Devil costume. hehehe

  2. they are SO cute! Oliver has a similar coloring to Howie...I hope he's just as cute as Howie when he's three!