Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Everybully

We hope you all had a great Halloween!!  
Howie the Bat
 Vivian the Butterfly
 Doc the Bat

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dog Shows & Hotels

After a 4-hour, thankfully uneventful, but pretty boring drive to Sioux Falls, SD we arrived at our hotel.  When traveling for dog shows, you tend to keep hotel costs as low as you can stomach without jeopardizing safety, cleanliness & distance from the show site.

That being said, chances are regardless of where you stay, you'll most likely have others from the show also staying there.  Today was no different.

When I went in to check-in, I was in line after my friend Kim (who has Vivi's Bestie Fiona & Bean).  We didn't drive together or anything, but we just happened to arrive at the same time.  As I went to start lugging all my stuff in (Vivi & her kennel first), a nice guest opened the door for Vivi & said, "come on in bulldog!"  Like it was a normal everyday occurrence...and during a dog show is.

As I was walking the hall to our room I heard a lot...I mean A LOT of yapping...yapping...yapping...  Can't say that's part of the norm, in fact it's preferred that it doesn't happen...but they're dogs, they yap.  Again, just a normal occurrence during a dog show weekend.

Lastly, I went down to the vending machine to get my beloved Diet Coke & there was a group of people sitting in the lobby talking...what about?  Come on...of course you can guess!  Dogs!!  Not only dogs, but SHOWING dogs! 

These are my kind of people.  I am one of these people.  I am in my element here.  Who would have ever thunk it?  Not me.  When I went to my first ever dog show in 2007, I never thought I'd be sucked into this world like I have.  It's fun.  But you know who I feel sorry for??  Those staying at this hotel who are NOT here for the dog show!  hahahha

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bulldog Nationals

Oooh I almost forgot...the Bulldog Nationals are going on this week!  There is a live webcam, but I found by refreshing this history page I can view the "cam" better as they are still photos.  So fun!!  Today I got to see Vivi's half-sissy Bean!!

Here is another link that is listing out the results for each class by day. 

Kinda fun...if you're a show nerd like me.


So...what's been going on???

Sadly, not a whole lot but apparently enough for me to slack on my site updates.  What a bad bullymomma I've been for not updating!!  This past Sunday Howie & I went to the St Paul/Minneapolis Bulldog Club's Halloween Party!!  Oh we had F-U-N!!

Howie got to meet his niece Greta & two nephews Boris & Franky.  Oh they were so smushy cute!!  There were a lot of bullies at the meeting & other than peeing on the kennel I brought for him, Howie did great. 

Sadly this is the only photo I got of BatHowie at the party!  Bringing a "happy" dog is challenging when wanting to take photos.  Thankfully our friend Mary took lots of great photos!  Check out her blog for photos from the party!
He had fun though & once again, he was out cold before I left the parking lot!!  What a handsome boy!

This week I'm keeping busy with my part-time Disney travel job (which I love)--anyone wanting to book a Disney trip, let me know (shameless plug huh?), taking my momma out to dinner for her birthday and on Friday Vivi & I will be headed to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for a show.  AND on Saturday, I have a lunch date with one of my favorite godchild!  She's going to college at Augstana & may even stop by the show to see us in action...however, we show early (8am), so I can't blame her if she doesn't want to get up that early on a Saturday!

So cross your fingers, your toes, & maybe send some pixie dust our way that Vivi does well at the show!!

Hope you're all doing well!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Been Awhile...

So I thought I'd post some show photos!  It's been a few weeks since our last show & last weekend we to Hutchinson, MN for the Sunday show (we couldn't attend Saturday).  Vivi didn't place, but she stacked well & I thought she looked great.

Here are some photos that my friend Christy took for me while we were in the ring.  Thanks Christy!
 Here is Vivi's half-sissy Bailey & Randy...don't they look great??!!

Next show is at the end of the month.  Wish us luck!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Local Public Service Announcement

Just wanted to let everyone know that next Sunday, October 24th there will be a Bully Halloween Party!  The St. Paul/Minneapolis Bulldog Club is the host & it's being held at All Breed Obedience Center in Woodbury, Minnesota at 2pm!

Hope you can make it!!  Photos from past parties!!  How fun!


Friday, October 8, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes...

A year ago this weekend, I wrote this blog entry there was SNOW on October 10th!  Fast forward 52 weeks & we had a record setting day of 87 degrees!  LOVE that!  I'll take 87 over snow any day! 
Now, of course you all know how I'm dreading winter coming, but I do have to say this week has been simply beautiful!  Fall colors are in full effect, thought you may enjoy....fall is taking over...

The trees are pretty...the leaves on the ground are not...

 I think the next two are my favorites.  Kinda artsy, huh?

 Oh wait...these next 3 are my absolute faves...

 Our view out our front window....
 Have a beautiful weekend everyone!