Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wow...I DO have talent!!

Who knew?!  When I was little I always wondered what my talent was...I couldn't draw.  I couldn't play sports.  I didn't like the piano or clarinet...both instruments I begged to poor parents.  I went on to do decent in school, but is that really a talent?  I mean, sure when I went back to college ("later in life"), I was able to push out a 10-page paper in record time, but still...does that constitute talent or just procrastination?  And yes, I can talk Disney World until you are so sorry you asked...but again, is that talent or just obsession?

Well, I'm happy to report I may have now found my talent...making puppy panties!!  And cool collars!!  And belly bands!  Come on...did you think this talent would really be for anything but the dogs??  Check out my new side project that has been a couple months in the making!

Blue Line Bulldogs Designs

You may recognize a few of the models & some of my happy doggy clients!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dogs to Work or Work to Dogs??

Did you know that June 25th was Take Your Dog to Work Day?  Well our Momma did, but her work wouldn't allow that.  We were sad.  So we asked Momma to bring her work to us instead!  So we decided that June 25th was Take Your Work to Your Dog Day!

Aren't we creative??  Ha!  We helped Momma with her work.

However, her work is very boring to us bullies....
There were no balls or toys or things to chase!  What does she do all day??  Aren't you supposed to enjoy your job??
Instead she has these keyboard thingys that make a tap, tap, tap sound & this long sheet of paper (that I would have loved to eat) with numbers on fun at all.

But we were happy Momma was able to celebrate Bring Your Work To Dogs Day with us!!!  Did any of you celebrate??

Howie & Vivi
Doc too--he just didn't participate in helping Momma

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Holy Crapanoly!!

Vivi was Winner's Bitch again today!!  What a surprise!  Yesterday I was over the moon, today at almost to Mars!!!

To celebrate, Vivi took her nap in her favorite laundry pile....

Friday, June 25, 2010

BIG NEWS!!!! Worth the wait??

Wow!  Hard to believe I've been MIA for a week for both the blog & site updates!  I wasn't ignoring my beloved sites, but rather, I just didn't have much to report.  I mean, did you really want to hear how excited I was about the new iPhone Operating System that was released this week?  Oh you did?!  Multitasking!  Folders!  Camera Zoom!  Aggghhhh!!  It's AMAAAAAZING!!

Oh you really didn't?  Ok, well then I really didn't have much to report...until today....

This weekend wraps up our busy show month that started Memorial weekend in St Peter, MN, went as far as Fargo, ND the following & then Jordan, MN the week after that....phew!  That was a lot!  (Last weekend we didn't have a show & enjoyed sleeping in, catching up on laundry & just relaxing!!)  This weekend is a 4-Day show in Cambridge, MN hosted by both the Anoka County Kennel Club & Cambridge Kennel Club.

Well yesterday, Vivi's half-sister, Bailey, took Winner's Bitch to get her first point!!  How awesome is that!!   What a fun way to start off the show!!

(photo taken at Fargo, ND show)
And today.......

Vivi slid around IN her kennel on the way to the show...look at that kennel should be IN the kennel!  Guess my crazy driving did that??  Haha!

Oh....and by the way......

Vivi got bit by a bug on her eye lid this week...poor honey.  We have to put meds on it & ON the eye...eeeew!  But the meds are working very fast!

Oh yeah...I almost forgot...

Vivi got her FIRST POINT TODAY!!!  YIPPPPEEEE!!!  She got Winner's Bitch & Best of Winners!  I was so excited!  I was shaking so much I bet Vivi thought she was experiencing an earthquake when I was stacking her!!  I won't lie, it was fun to win our first point (period), but to have so many bully friends there cheering for us really made it more fun!
This was Vivi's first point & my first point on a dog that was mine!  (Doc wasn't mine when we got his first point.)  So to conclude, it was a super fun day & you couldn't slap the smile off my face if you tried!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo Contest!!!

Hey Everybully!!  One of my bullymomma friends is having a Wiggle Bum photo contest!  There are a few categories this time around!!  I bet some of you have photos that you should submit!!

Have a photo of your bully swimming??  How about looking embarrassed?  Any bully caught acting like a person?  What about puppy love??  I bet you do!!!  So go look through your photos & submit!!

If your photo wins, you'll win a PetSmart gift card!!  So go on!!  Enter!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Monday morning I brought the bullies outside to take their photos for Flag Day!  I know, I know borderline crazy lady...but people, blogs & websites needed to be updated!  Apparently, I didn't close enough read in Howie & Vivi's riders that they don't work before 7am.  Such bullydivas....

Doc was my only model cooperating that early in the morning...thought I'd just share some outtakes from our "photo session"...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Real Quick...

Just wanted to post some photos from this weekend's show!  It was cold (55 & misting), but the real rain waited until we were home thankfully!  Oh & in case you were wondering...yes, dog shows still go on in the long as there isn't any lightening of course.  

Vivi placed 3rd in her class both days, but I'm just loving these photos (Thanks Randy!!).  I took someone's advice on how to stack particularly, her head...and I really liked how it worked!  Such a difference from last weekend & the leaning tower of Vivi (my bad)!

Last weekend:
This weekend:
Such a cute little bum...

 Yeah, I know...I wore that yellow jacket last weekend at the's HARD to find good show clothes!  You need something comfortable & still something you can move in without being constricted.  We may not run in the ring like other breeds, but we do get down on the ground to stack them.  So until I find some more good show clothes, you'll be seeing that yellow jacket a lot I's not my lucky outfit or anything...just something that works!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Just wanted to share the funny photo I took today!!  Made me giggle!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dog Shows Are Fun Shows!

Go to any dog show & you'll find people who are passionate about their dogs!  Some will groom for HOURS (literally) before they go in the ring for MINUTES with the judge.  But I guarantee you, every one of those exhibitors will say, "yes, it's totally worth it!  It's fun!"

I have what some call a "wash & go" dog, meaning...very little grooming time.  And while that's somewhat true, I mean I don't have to fluff, tease, hairspray or even blow dry my dog, I still do some grooming.  Our grooming includes: giving a bath, cleaning out ears, cleaning out folds, cutting nails, cutting whiskers & sometimes even brushing teeth!!

Three years ago, I would have never thought I'd go to a dog show, let alone be entered in one!  But I really have so much fun attending & showing.  If you've ever thought about going to watch bulldogs, you should!  Sure, sure, they're usually are one of the first breeds in the morning, but that just means you get the best parking!

Leonitus shows are too early for bullies!

I just love seeing so many bulldogs in one place!  This past weekend there were quite a few & when you took a look around the ring, it was fun to see them all just hanging out before the show! 

Bullies & their people all waiting....
Dozer just lovin' his momma!

Vivi agrees with Leonitus ...too early!!
Next month we our club is having its specialty show!  (Specialty shows are shows with only 1 breed.)  I'm soooo excited!  There will be soooo many bullies there!  Who wouldn't be excited!!  So many snorts & so many wiggily butts!!  So if you're ever thinking of attending a show & not sure where to even look for a schedule, let me know!  I'd love to help!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's our Docie Anniversary!

Today marks the 2nd year that Doc has been at our house!!  He's been the perfect addition to our home & bully family!!  We couldn't be happier that we found each other!!  We love you Docie Doodle Bug!  Doodle!!  Doodly Bops!  Doodle Schnapps!

"Vivi!  Let's go give him a hug!!  We just love our big brofer Doc!"
"Guys!  Where you goin'?  WHO is gettin' the hug?"

"Oh's ME!!"

"Thanks Momma Jinny, Momma Jinny & Big Daddy Steve!  I loves being here too!"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

No "deer in headlights" stare here!

While the ride up here was uneventful, it's amazing how fast 4 hours can really go when you talk about bulldogs nearly the whole time!  LOL!!  That's one thing I love most about going to shows with my bulldog friends....we all talk the same that produces blank "deer in headlights" stares to many non-bulldoggers....I get the same response a lot of the time when I start talking Disney World to people too!!

It's a lot of fun to go to shows out of town because you meet up with so many people you normally wouldn't.  I get to sit back & listen to people who have been in the breed for YEARS & here I am a total newbie trying to let it all sink in.  While I may be getting better at what I know I like & what I know I don't in a bulldog & even can speak (correctly) about toplines, bone, layback, pigment & tail set; yet there is still so much I have to learn & going to these shows is a big part of the learning.

You think you're all just talking bulldogs, but to me it's an impromptu Bulldog 101 session.  And I love it.

So thank you to all the bulldoggers out there who I've had the pleasure of showing with!  Whether you knew it or not, you've all taught me something!

Oh & yeah, how did we do in Fargo you may ask...well, let's just say today Vivi's ribbon matched her!!  LOL  (4th-white ribbon!!) 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Well, I think I'm mostly packed

Tonight, after work, Mary & I are headed to Fargo, ND for a weekend of fun & dog shows! Last night I didn't have much motivation to get Vivi & me packed at all. I mean, it WAS the season finale of Real Housewives of New York City!! (BTW "Elegance is friend"!)--sorry had to do it!

After the show was over I finally decided it was time to give Vivi a bath--I'll do more grooming tonight or tomorrow morning before the show. Nothing like giving a bath at 1030pm!! Oops.

Vivi actually doesn't mind baths...once she's in the tub anyway. Once she's out..well as I'm sure many other bully mommas & daddys can attest out because it's now time for the Bully500 around the house which 100% of the time also includes the NEEDED "roll around".

You can almost see the determination of escape in her eyes the second she's out of the tub!

Not so fast little lady!! We've still got some folds to clean & whiskers to trim. Sorry baby girl!!

"Ok momma. I'll stay...for a second!"

Paws & fingers crossed for a successful show!!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Crazy Week

I can only pray that this week will be a LOT quieter than last, even though we have a lot going on.  Friday, Vivi & I will be heading to Fargo, ND for a show with Mary & Bailey.  It's a good size show (5 point major for the girls) so lots of bulldoggers will be there & it's always fun to go out-of-town for shows! 

Tomorrow is already Wednesday & then Thursday night I'll have to pack both Vivi & me (you'd be surprised how stuff Vivi will really need) for the weekend.  Thankfully we show at 9am both days so we can sleep in a little bit...well a lot bit compared to this past weekend!!

Things at the house are slowly getting back to normal...well normal in the sense that our water is no longer being supplied by hydrant & garden hose!  Yep, you see it right...that garden hose is coming into the house from a vent on the back of the house...trashy much??  Hey!  It worked & that water pressure rocked!
Hope everybully had a great week while I was MIA attending to the house!