Monday, June 7, 2010

It's our Docie Anniversary!

Today marks the 2nd year that Doc has been at our house!!  He's been the perfect addition to our home & bully family!!  We couldn't be happier that we found each other!!  We love you Docie Doodle Bug!  Doodle!!  Doodly Bops!  Doodle Schnapps!

"Vivi!  Let's go give him a hug!!  We just love our big brofer Doc!"
"Guys!  Where you goin'?  WHO is gettin' the hug?"

"Oh's ME!!"

"Thanks Momma Jinny, Momma Jinny & Big Daddy Steve!  I loves being here too!"


  1. Oh Doc, I'm so happy for you....a family that loves you is all a bully wants. Enjoy the hugs!

  2. Doc is such a handsome bully! Congrats on the 2 yr anniversary!! Can's wait to meet him someday! :)

    Julie M.