Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dog Shows Are Fun Shows!

Go to any dog show & you'll find people who are passionate about their dogs!  Some will groom for HOURS (literally) before they go in the ring for MINUTES with the judge.  But I guarantee you, every one of those exhibitors will say, "yes, it's totally worth it!  It's fun!"

I have what some call a "wash & go" dog, meaning...very little grooming time.  And while that's somewhat true, I mean I don't have to fluff, tease, hairspray or even blow dry my dog, I still do some grooming.  Our grooming includes: giving a bath, cleaning out ears, cleaning out folds, cutting nails, cutting whiskers & sometimes even brushing teeth!!

Three years ago, I would have never thought I'd go to a dog show, let alone be entered in one!  But I really have so much fun attending & showing.  If you've ever thought about going to watch bulldogs, you should!  Sure, sure, they're usually are one of the first breeds in the morning, but that just means you get the best parking!

Leonitus shows are too early for bullies!

I just love seeing so many bulldogs in one place!  This past weekend there were quite a few & when you took a look around the ring, it was fun to see them all just hanging out before the show! 

Bullies & their people all waiting....
Dozer just lovin' his momma!

Vivi agrees with Leonitus ...too early!!
Next month we our club is having its specialty show!  (Specialty shows are shows with only 1 breed.)  I'm soooo excited!  There will be soooo many bullies there!  Who wouldn't be excited!!  So many snorts & so many wiggily butts!!  So if you're ever thinking of attending a show & not sure where to even look for a schedule, let me know!  I'd love to help!!

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  1. Thanks, Jen. I enjoyed learning a little about showing bulldogs, and you're right, it's great to see a lot of bullies in one place. These guys look great! I wanna read more about your dog show observations and the culture.