Friday, June 25, 2010

BIG NEWS!!!! Worth the wait??

Wow!  Hard to believe I've been MIA for a week for both the blog & site updates!  I wasn't ignoring my beloved sites, but rather, I just didn't have much to report.  I mean, did you really want to hear how excited I was about the new iPhone Operating System that was released this week?  Oh you did?!  Multitasking!  Folders!  Camera Zoom!  Aggghhhh!!  It's AMAAAAAZING!!

Oh you really didn't?  Ok, well then I really didn't have much to report...until today....

This weekend wraps up our busy show month that started Memorial weekend in St Peter, MN, went as far as Fargo, ND the following & then Jordan, MN the week after that....phew!  That was a lot!  (Last weekend we didn't have a show & enjoyed sleeping in, catching up on laundry & just relaxing!!)  This weekend is a 4-Day show in Cambridge, MN hosted by both the Anoka County Kennel Club & Cambridge Kennel Club.

Well yesterday, Vivi's half-sister, Bailey, took Winner's Bitch to get her first point!!  How awesome is that!!   What a fun way to start off the show!!

(photo taken at Fargo, ND show)
And today.......

Vivi slid around IN her kennel on the way to the show...look at that kennel should be IN the kennel!  Guess my crazy driving did that??  Haha!

Oh....and by the way......

Vivi got bit by a bug on her eye lid this week...poor honey.  We have to put meds on it & ON the eye...eeeew!  But the meds are working very fast!

Oh yeah...I almost forgot...

Vivi got her FIRST POINT TODAY!!!  YIPPPPEEEE!!!  She got Winner's Bitch & Best of Winners!  I was so excited!  I was shaking so much I bet Vivi thought she was experiencing an earthquake when I was stacking her!!  I won't lie, it was fun to win our first point (period), but to have so many bully friends there cheering for us really made it more fun!
This was Vivi's first point & my first point on a dog that was mine!  (Doc wasn't mine when we got his first point.)  So to conclude, it was a super fun day & you couldn't slap the smile off my face if you tried!!


  1. Jen,
    I was tickled to see you picked up your first point with Vivi. Not only a WD but a BOW! Congrats to you and best wishes for your future in showing Bulldogs!

  2. So cool - Congratulations Jen & Vivi!!

    Julie M.

  3. deserve to wear that beautiful smile-keep smiling:)
    Vivi looks great in the winners ring...YEAH!!

  4. Wow, I am already three posts behind...just catching up.

    CONGRATS to you and Vivi!! Thanks for including Bailey too.

    The first point of many I'm sure!!