Sunday, June 13, 2010

Real Quick...

Just wanted to post some photos from this weekend's show!  It was cold (55 & misting), but the real rain waited until we were home thankfully!  Oh & in case you were wondering...yes, dog shows still go on in the long as there isn't any lightening of course.  

Vivi placed 3rd in her class both days, but I'm just loving these photos (Thanks Randy!!).  I took someone's advice on how to stack particularly, her head...and I really liked how it worked!  Such a difference from last weekend & the leaning tower of Vivi (my bad)!

Last weekend:
This weekend:
Such a cute little bum...

 Yeah, I know...I wore that yellow jacket last weekend at the's HARD to find good show clothes!  You need something comfortable & still something you can move in without being constricted.  We may not run in the ring like other breeds, but we do get down on the ground to stack them.  So until I find some more good show clothes, you'll be seeing that yellow jacket a lot I's not my lucky outfit or anything...just something that works!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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