Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wow...I DO have talent!!

Who knew?!  When I was little I always wondered what my talent was...I couldn't draw.  I couldn't play sports.  I didn't like the piano or clarinet...both instruments I begged to poor parents.  I went on to do decent in school, but is that really a talent?  I mean, sure when I went back to college ("later in life"), I was able to push out a 10-page paper in record time, but still...does that constitute talent or just procrastination?  And yes, I can talk Disney World until you are so sorry you asked...but again, is that talent or just obsession?

Well, I'm happy to report I may have now found my talent...making puppy panties!!  And cool collars!!  And belly bands!  Come on...did you think this talent would really be for anything but the dogs??  Check out my new side project that has been a couple months in the making!

Blue Line Bulldogs Designs

You may recognize a few of the models & some of my happy doggy clients!

1 comment:

  1. WOW! Good job! Chloe is not going to be in need of any panties, but if she were, she would definitely order from you... those are so cute!