Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July Everybully!!

We hope you are all enjoying this Independence Day!  Be sure to wear your red, white & blue with pride, like us!!
We also hope you all enjoy the fireworks!!  And don't hide like Howie...they're super awesome & pretty!!  Howie thinks they're scary & loud!
 And maybe your momma will get you ice cream like our momma did!!
It was G-O-O-D!!

Whatever you do, be safe & have fun!!


  1. Happy 4th to the Blue Line Bulldog family!

  2. Happy Independence day Howie, Doc, Vivi, Jen & Steve...hope you all have a "blast" today. We will just be watching the Casino's fireworks tonight from our deck or maybe not:))
    Have a great day and {{{hugs]]] to all!
    Kim and the Ma'Kin gang:))

  3. BTW, my little boy is wearing the "one of a kind" tshirt today. He wants to share it w/Bella.

  4. anmamoco-Awesome! What great taste we have! Shhh...don't tell Doc, he still thinks it's one-of-a-kind...but for SURE share it with Bella & I'd love to see a photo of that!! :)

  5. Happy 4th Jen and family! The pics are so cute!!

    Julie, Jay & Kirby!