Friday, July 30, 2010

Doc's Birfday...the Gift that Never Was...

So for Doc's birthday Vivi & Howie got him this toy.  It was called a loofah dog..but it was soft, not hard like a loofah...confusing I know.  But anyway, they found him here at the house in the "Toys That Haven't Been Killed Yet" pile & they said, "this would be perfect for Doc!"  The following depicts their decision making on the gift.

Vivi found it & decided to bring it to Howie's hidden hiding place (under the coffee table) for review.
They both decided to give the loofah dog a good sniff over.
They took their gift responsibility VERY seriously & no part will left unsniffed.
Vivi even gave it a good chomp to see how sturdy it was...after all bulldogs are a bit hard on their toys you know....
Then it was Howie's turn for his one-on-one review/ didn't go quite as planned.
Sorry Doc...we think you would have really liked loofah dog, but Howie decided to de-stuff & amputate a leg.  I'm sure it was all done out of love, right Howie??

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Note From Doc

Fanks for the birfday wishes everybully!!  Momma read them all to me & it made me smile to know so many of you wanted me to have a good birfday!!  So a big ol' FANKS YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUU!!
PS- I DO love frozen green beans!!  I like 'em crunchy!!  Nothing wrong w/Momma wanting me to keep my svelete figure!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Doc-eeee!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

Our Doodle Doc turns 4 on Wednesday!!  So we HAD to have a birthday party for him on Tuesday night to make sure we were all home to celebrate!!!  And do we know how to celebrate!!!

All the bullies got a special dinner of McDonald's plain hamburger, fries & 1 McNugget!!  Oh boy oh boy!  They LOVED it!!  Check out the tongues!!
Yep!  The birthday boy is wearing a birthday bandanna!  He is stylin' & makes it look good!!  (We found out last year, birthday hats just don't work at this house.)

Doc was a very good boy this year & got some new bones, a Kong monkey, a ball & some cookies for dessert!!
He loved all his prezzies & shared them with Howie & Vivi.  He's such a good big brother!!
Oh they had so much fun!  They were all so tired & Doc just took it easy for the rest of the night!
Happy Birthday Doodle!!  We love you bunches monkey!!
Oh & as of 9pm...the Kong monkey toy is already out of commission....thanks Howie!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Note From Howie

I know. I know. I'm a bit disappointed too.

I mean I love her, but Momma!!! You need to make time to update the blog & site!! I mean really!!!

We have lots of stories to share!!

Pay no attention to the bulldogs on top of Momma! We are NOT holding her against her will!

She will be back to her regularly scheduled self soon!
Love- Vivi & Doc

Monday, July 19, 2010

If you love your bulldog....

...decorate your car!!

Check out just some of the fun car decor I saw in the parking lot at the show this weekend!! of those oval stickers I know what it means!!

This has got to be one-of-a-kind!
Bully window cling anyone?
 and of course....
Currently, Fred is not decorated on the outside...however the inside can look like a bulldog sneezed & all its fur fell off at times!  Hahahaha!

Is your car bully decorated??

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Specialty Show Days 2 & 3

Sorry Everybully!  Momma has been keeping me crazy busy the last couple days...go here, stay there, come now, do this, stack here, now here, don't move, head up, empty, play, kennel, sleep...jeez.....I've been a busy, busy bully!

But we're having fun here in Iowa!  No points or pretty ribbons that match or clash Momma's outfits; but both yesterday & today I made what Momma & her friends say "the cut"...meaning the class I was in was sooooo big--how big was it?--well take a look...
Can you even see me in this photo?  I promise I'm in here!!  Anyway, because the class is so big the judge looks at all the bullies & picks some he'd like to look at some more & then excuses the rest...well both the judges liked me enough to see me a bit longer both days!

Momma says it's cuz I a pretty girl!!
I think she's just biased!  But that's ok, she's my Momma
Here we are waiting in the ring...I didn't have to stack or anything.  I was making friends, other bullies were on their backs getting their bellies rubbed!  I was giving Momma High 5s for treats!  I'm no dummy, I can get my belly rubbed another day!!

Oh the power went out during the show today only for a few seconds but Momma was right by me so I wasn't scared at all.  Later tonight Momma went to the banquet...remember those baskets from the last post??  Well, Momma won some & she said she will share them with me & my brofers!!  I can't wait to see them!  (BTW...they went SWIMMING today at Grama & Grampa's house w/Daddy...luckies!!)

Ok, time for to you all tomorrow sometime!  We have to go back home after the show so I may be too tried to post...but here's another photo...Momma thinks it's funny because it's what I do at home w/her dirty clothes...
Hope you all are having a great weekend!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Specialty Show Day 1

Hi Everybully, it's Me!  Vivi!!

Momma, Auntie Mary & I made it Iowa yesterday with no problems at all!  It was less than a 2 hour drive to make it, Momma was happy cuz she thought it was gonna be a longer drive..she needs to pay better attention to her geography, huh?

We're staying at a super nice hotel with a nice big room for all of my...err...Momma's stuff!  She had bags & bags & bags of stuff...but I suppose one of those bags has my food so I'm ok with that!!

Yesterday was kinda a long day...just like Momma said it would be.  There were lots of bullies & lots of goings on...but I took it all in stride.  Momma tried to take photos, but the lighting in the room wasn't ideal for where she was she's moving spots today!!

Here I am in the was a big class...they kept going & going & going...
Momma said I did great & gave me lots of treats while we waited for the judge to get a good look at everybully.  This judge was funny, he would get down real low to look at you!!  I've never seen that before..I liked it.
Oh & he also came up behind you & grabbed your body & when he did that to me, my eyes got as "big as saucers"...Momma laughed really hard when that happen...well I didn't know he was gonna do that...he was nice but I couldn't see him so I was a little freaked out!!

Saturday, there is a banquet where they have a raffle & auction on stuff!  Look at all that stuff!!
Momma donated some panties she made for the raffle.  These are some of my favorites she made:
She even got real fancy this time & got business cards & labels made
Oooh fancy huh?

Ok, well Momma says I need to get off the Mac so we can get ready for the day.  We're missing some of watching the boys today so we don't have as long of a day today!  I'll let you know how we do!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

God & Dog

A friend of mine sent me this last week.  It was played at a memorial service for a woman who she worked with at a dog training facility.  It made me smile.  I hope it makes you smile too.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ok, it's time to talk about something personal...warts...

Dog warts I mean...afterall, this IS a dog's blog remember?!

Last spring I had Vivi on her back to clip her nails.  When her flews fell towards the floor I noticed this thing in her mouth (remember, bulldogs are the educators of dogs if you pay attention!).  I'm a picker...I can't help it.  So of course my hand IMMEDIATELY went in her mouth & I was touching it, squeezing it, looked through the rest of her mouth...made both Howie & Doc come over & I looked in their mouth's...what the heck is this thing??

WARNING...this photo also prompted me to start brushing her teeth more often!!  
See it?  It's about 1/2 inch under my finger, to the right of the dirty tooth...
Photo A
So the next day I went online & searched "thing in dog's mouth"...and POOF!  Dog warts!  Great.  Dog warts.  Why must I keep learning these things??  Can't I just NOT learn something new regarding my dogs' health??

Dog warts...sounds much, much worse than what they are.  However, they are very contagious (remember how I started digging through Howie & Doc's mouths too...great) & there really is no treatment except time.  Fantastic.  The incubation period is about 1 month after being exposed & takes about 4-8 weeks for the warts to go away!  Perfect.

Usually only young dogs get dog warts because their immune systems aren't fully developed.  Which made sense in Vivi's case & gave me some relief in that Howie & Doc wouldn't get them...and they didn't.  Also, once the dog gets dog warts, they cannot get them again.  Kinda like chicken pox in humans.  Our vet did say I could put Vitamin E oil on the warts if it made me feel better, however, the only reason it will "work" is because it's the time that's really making the warts go away.  Of course I still put some Vitamin E on it...but it was probably just time that took care of them.

This photo was taken 3 days after photo A.  You can see it had already gone down in size.
Photo B
I'm positive Vivi was exposed at a dog show & was scheduled to be in a show the following weekend, but I couldn't in good faith knowingly expose other dogs to the warts.  So I didn't show her that weekend.  Thankfully, her next show wasn't for almost a month after I found the warts & they were gone by then!

Since I want this blog to be helpful for other dog owners, I thought I'd post warts.

Here are some more photos on the progression of her warts & some other bully friends who have gotten them too.  There is no shame in dog warts, just ugly sea-creature looking things that, as a picker, you just want to pop, pick or twist off...but that's not good..don't do that...they could spread.

Another 2 days later from photo B
Photo C

About 1 week after photo A
Photo D

1 Month after Photo A
Photo E
Remember bullies...there is no shame in having dog warts...your immune system just isn't strong yet.  Just be sure to stay home from shows, classes & play dates with other puppies until your warts clear up, ok?
Thanks for visiting...and now, be honest, how many of you went to grab the anti-bacterial gel after this post??

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eeeek! It's here! It's here!!!

Fun, fun, fun! And more bulldog fun!  What could I possibly be talking about?  The St.Paul/Minneapolis Bulldog Club's specialty show of course!!  This year it's combined with the Bulldog Club of Central Iowa so we're having it in Iowa at a (oh yeah, I know I've said it before...let's all say it together...) CASINO!!  Ding, ding, ding!!!  So fun!

If you've never been to a specialty show, you should go!!  It's one of the only places you'll see so many bullies (& only bullies) in one place!  This year we're having 4 shows in 4 days and there are expected to be 69-83 bulldogs there (each day has a different number of dogs entered).  You better believe I'll be taking a LOT of photos!!

Since it is such a big show each day, it's a lot different than going to a small all-breed dog show in that we'll have a lot of down time.  With all dog shows (all breed or specialty), boys show first by age, then they select Winners Dog out of all the class winners.  Then the same happens for the girls.  Vivi is in the Open class, which is the last class for the girls to we have a long, long wait!

So I'll bring my sweatshirt (because the room will be's all about the bullies' comfort...not ours), my camera, my iPhone (set to quiet mode of course), the show catalog & a pen (for note taking) & a Diet Coke to keep me company before it's Vivi's time to show!!

Watch the blog for updates later this week and send some winning thoughts Vivi's way Thursday night, and Friday, Saturday & Sunday mornings!!

OR better yet...if you're in the area, come on by!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Once Again...

Hi Everybully, it's me! Vivi!!

I stole momma's phone to send you all a quick blog post since momma seems to be MIA....again. Rest assured (yep-I use big words!) she's not neglecting us at all!!

Ok just thought I'd look thru momma's photos on her phone & share w/you!

Ok these are my brofers...Doc & Howie. I luvz them!

What else does she have on here....oooh these look good! Do you think it's for my birthday?! Them are some big bones!!

This is Buddy. He lives in Fred. He is a nice boy & sometimes I give him kisses when I ride in Fred!

This is our bully auntie Mary. She's funny...dragging a garbage can at a hotel in Fargo so ALL dog people could use it.

Oooh scary! There's a ghost at the Magic Kingdom!!!

Oh and on the 4th of July daddy worked so momma made us a special dinner! It was YUMMY!

Momma sure takes some funny photos on her phone!

Hope you've enjoyed this little segment. Maybe I'll do it again...what should we call it? Hmmm...I'm open to suggestions!

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