Monday, March 28, 2011

Tell me about it...

Where is momma you ask?  I know right? 

Well, in her defense she was sick after the Pet Expo...stayed home from work for 3 days straight.  We bullies loved it.  She told me that she's in a writing funk...not sure what that means, but until her funk is over I'm boycotting giving her anything to write about. 
I think she's really hoping for that white stuff outside to be gone for good.  Then there will be pretty green things & pink things & yellow things to take photos of...right now, it's pretty boring...
Here's hoping for warmer weather & more blog posts from momma!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Strike a Pose...Bully Style

My first Christmas with Howie, "he" got me a Sandicast bulldog statue.  At the time, he & "Huey" were nearly the same size. cute is baby Howie???  (He's the one on the right.  12 weeks old at the time.)
Last weekend it looked as though Howie was trying to be a statue himself.
"Iz think someone is looking at me..."
"Seriously...Iz can FEEL them looking at me...."
"Momma...make him stop staring.  Iz don't like it.  Fanks"
I'm positive a Howie statue would sell well...hmmm...maybe I need to contact Sandicast to see if they need a new model??? 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hugs for Everybully!!!

Hi Everybully!  It's me, Doc!!!  Today I was very busy!!  I mean so busy I did NOT get to take one nap.  Not.  A.  One.  It's ok though because I had a lot of fun!  I was in the St Paul/Minneapolis Bulldog Club's hugging booth at the Pet Expo!!  Oh I had F-U-N!!

When we first got to the Pet Expo, Momma Jinny, Momma Jinny brought me around to see the different booths & feel comfortable with so many people around me.  No problems there at all.  I'm good with people!
My favorite booth was a treat booth (of course).  I wanted one of these treats, but Momma said, no...but she did get us bullies some that have peanut butter in them...YUMMMMMM!!!!
Here is my new friend Uma (she just turned 1 year old...remember when Momma Jinny, Mommy Jinny went to her birth??) & me in the super cool dog house that my Grampa Greg made!  He's so talented! 
Uma was dressed for St Patty's Day!  She was so cute & happy.  Everybully thought we were both really cute & wanted to pet us & give us hugs & kisses!!
Other puppies heard of our really cool dog house & came to see us!
 Giving hugs & kisses is hard work, even for cute bullies like Uma & me.  I got really tired after awhile & decided to take a break.  But Uma kept going & going & going....good thing Ann Marie was there to keep Uma occupied!
Guess that's cuz she's still a puppy...she'll learn.  In time she will just want to lay down like me...
After a few hours, I just needed some "me" time & I took a time out in the house.  I knew Uma had it covered just fine so I appreciated my few moments alone.
Then it was time to go home & when I did....well, I don't think I really need to let you know what I did first do I?
I had a lot of fun & would do it again next year if Momma Jinny Momma Jinny wanted me to.  She said I did a good job & I was a pleasure to bring out!  So I think that means I can go!  Yay!

Hope you all had a great day too!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Twin Cities Pet Expo THIS Weekend!

You may have noticed the note on the right here ------------------------->

Doc is very excited to announce that he will be giving out hugs at this year's St. Paul/Minneapolis Bulldog Club's booth at the Twin Cities Pet Expo!!  The club will be there both Saturday & Sunday, but Doc will only be there on Saturday from 1pm-3pm!

So come one, come all!  Come get a hug from Doc!  We promise it will be as good of time as last year & the club has a new addition to the hugging booth this year!  I think you all will love it!

Doc has never been to the Pet Expo, so come on everybully!  Come get a hug from Doc!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ok, February is over...

Let the thawing begin!!  Please??!!  Oh, we're expecting another FOOT of snow next week??  Grrreeeeaattt....Comeon Summer...yep I want to skip spring all together & go straight to summer!  I can't be alone in this wish.

Blue skies, green grass & a bulldog w/her favorite toy!

Beautiful pool, life jacket & happy bully boy!

Warm sun, sunny sun & a sun worshiping bully!

What a nice wish!....until then....

Howie agrees!