Monday, March 8, 2010

Pet Expo 2010

Hi Everybully, it's me Vivi!  Momma brought me to the Pet Expo today to help with the Hugging Booth for the St. Paul/Minneapolis Bulldog Club.  I had so much fun! 
I was with my friend Holly & she had the BEST shirt ever!  My momma laughed really hard when she saw it & said, "Oooh I have to get one of those!"  But I don't think I should...I mean, really doesn't she get it??
Here is a photo of Holly's other side...jeez Momma...don't you have any respect for bully's bottoms?  Sorry Holly...

We gave lots of hugs & a few kisses, I even got a lick....of a lollipop!!  That funny little boy even put it back in his mouth after I had a lick...but I loved it & Momma had to warn all the other people who came to maybe keep the lollipops away from me cuz I guess I was drooling....

I met lots of nice people!  They gave me kisses & pats & even let me sniff them.  
Some of my other bully friends that were there were Oliver (but Momma didn't get a photo of him), Hancock
And Rosie
Aren't we all good looking bullies?  I mean, really?!  After awhile, I did get tired I got to lay around for a bit while momma went around taking photos of the Pet Expo for all you guys!
Momma went to the cat show & said she was kinda confused but that she did see some very pretty kitties.
Then momma saw a bunny riding around in a wagon!  She was a very pretty bunny!
Momma went walking around & found a GIANT doggy named Diesel!  He is a Great Pyrenees & he's HUGE & sooooo sweet!  When momma was going to leave, he put his paw on her hand to stay.  He was so sweet & a long nosed, long haired, tall me!  (Ok, I'm not all that mellow all the time.)
Overall, it was a great day & I had lots of fun, but I was sooooooooo tired when I got home that I had to take a snooze!  It sure is hard work giving out all those hugs!


  1. Holly says, "I was so happy to spend the day with you Vivi! Tell your momma you need another funny t-shirt like mine. I think our mommas have fun dressin us up. And there is nuthin' wrong with sneakin a lick off of a lollypop - as long as momma doesn't see :)"