Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ok, I have so much to tell you...I don't even know where to start!

All last week I knew that Saturday was going to be jammed packed for me.  Diabetes walk in the morning, bully c-section at noon & Mac training in the evening.  That's right, I said Mac training...after our love for our iPhones, we decided to try a Mac...but it's...hard.  So I need training.  My friend was going to come over....Oh wait, you wanted to know about the bully c-section....oh that's a different story.

Mary's bully girl (Maisy) was going in for her c-section on Saturday at noon.  Mary had asked me to come watch so Vivi's wouldn't be my first c-section I see.  Note: Vivi is not preggers or anything like that, but just to get me prepped for someday, the possibility of Vivi's c-section...I just couldn't let hers be my first...I'll be too freaked out as it is & we all know I'm medically challenged as a whole!  Anyway, so Maisy's c-section was scheduled at noon & I knew with the walk at 8am & the c-section at noon, it was going to be close, but I could totally make it work.

However, I got a good does of BullyReproductionReality!  Maisy's milk hadn't come in yet even by Friday night & while I did sleep with my phone right next to me (all prepared to go in the middle of the night--just like in the movies) & had dreams of the puppies, Saturday morning it was decided that the c-section was NOT going to be on Saturday.  All the factors...milk supply, temperture dropping, panting, etc...were not there.  So the c-section was rescheduled for Monday.

Unfortunately, this was not determined until 745am & I knew I could never make it to the Mall of America for Destin's Dream Team walk for Diabetes!  However, almost 70 people did walk for Destin!  Can you imagine?!  70!!  My parents said that the MOA was PACKED with walkers Saturday!  The most they've ever seen!  Well yeah, if you bring 70 people to walk with you, it's gonna be packed!!  So thank you once again to all who donated!  Destin did make her goal with the help of you!  Now here's hoping diabetes can be cured too!

Here's a photo of the 2010 Destin's Dream Team:

Up next...the rest of what I want to tell you!!

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  1. What a great looking walking group...good job and good cause Destin! I hope the dream comes true!