Friday, February 26, 2010

Good god...what died in there?!

Question of the can something so sweet & innocent looking...
have such HORRIFIC breath?!'s sooo bad.  It always has been.  When we were at the vet for her annual appointment in December, I even asked about it.  Vet said she didn't have any infections or anything in her mouth that would cause such a stench, stinks.

She did offer one option of why.  Anyone want to guess?  Here's a's weirdly long & she uses it to kiss you...from across the room, as well as grabbing paper.  That's right...
Yep!  That's right!  Her tongue.  She said that if she has it out when she sleeps & it gets dry, it can cause bad breath.  I mean, I guess it makes sense...but lordy.  It's soooo bad.

So I'm coming to each & every one of you for help...give me your best bad breath advice!  I've tried brushing teeth & that's not working.  Steve & I joke that she has "cats".  Meaning, you sleep with your mouth open & a cat comes & poops in your mouth when you're sleeping...see, you'd have HORRIFIC breath right?  So next time you encounter someone w/bad breath...I bet you think..."dang they have cats!"  hahaha

Anyway, please leave a comment below on your tips or tricks for curing bad breath!  I'd really appreciate it!
Oh gosh...we'd ALL appreciate it!


  1. Oh should be the rock band KISS' poster child!

  2. I don't have any advice, but I'm pretty sure you're makin' that up... I mean, she is WAY to ADORABLE to have stinky breath LOL.
    Maybe she is getting back at you for putting the picture of her in her "panties" on your web-site... that's it, huh, Vivi??

  3. Otis gets that occassionally - yuck!!!! I have been freezing water, broth and treats/food into little pupsicles and i don't notice it quite so much. The frozen treats are mostly for Stella's teething but I think the increase in hydration may help the stink breath. Its worth a try AND it keeps them busy, which is also a bonus!

  4. the breath might be stinky....but that tongue is adorable!!

  5. There are many ways to cure bad breath for people, but for a pet what is better than helping her to clean the mouth, teeth and tongue?