Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh I'm happy!!

Doc & Howie had a vet appointment on Saturday.  It was Howie's annual exam & Doc just needed a bordetella shot.  With every appointment, we have to weigh our dogs & give the vet tech the amount.  Well I'm so very happy to report Doc has lost another 3 lbs!!  Woo hoo!!

That means he has lost all the weight he gained since we got him.  Actually, he now weighs less than he did when we first got him by almost a pound...ok, not quite a full pound, but it's still less!  Doc's diet beans & a lot of sleep.  Seems like it's working for him!

Howie had a great vet appointment as well.  This was his first annual exam since his ACL repair surgery in June 2009.  Other than his hair still not completely in yet, everything looks great!  Yay!
Since the boys went to the vet, that meant Vivi was home all alone!!  I don't think that's ever happened before!  I think she had a party while we were gone!  Enjoying the house & all the rooms by herself...What do you think?
I finally had time...or said another way...I finally sat down & made some pretty panties for Vivi next time she goes into heat.  They turned out pretty well, my model (Vivi) refused to try them on for a photo though..what a diva!
We hope you had a great weekend like we did!

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  1. Pshew!! I am relieved to see that Vivi isn't a thong gal..haha! Sorry, couldn't resist. Her panties are the cutest!