Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweet baby boy....

Oh my, oh my, oh my....this weekend we had the absolute pleasure of having a sleep over guest!  His name is Turbo & the was the absolutely the sweetest thing!

Turbo was a very nice bullyguest.  He is only 16 weeks old & had very, very nice bullymanners!  He seemed to love Howie the most & would follow him when they went outside.  It was so cute!  Howie even shared his toys with Turbo....with proper (aka close) supervision of course!
Even Vivian surprised me at her "mothering" ways with him.  When Turbo would follow Howie around the yard & in the off chance Howie got away from Turbo, it seemed like Vivi scanned the yard for the other white bully & if he was alone.....she was immediately right by his side.

Turbo really liked Vivi at times...we can just chalk it up to puppy wannabe dominance...but let's just say he could have been nicknamed Humpy Humperton.  These bullies have no shame...below you'll see the butt sniffing train....hahaha!
Turbo liked Doc...but Doc, well, was Doc...and didn't really think much of another bully in the house.  Until it was sleepy time...then Doc had a new cuddle buddy & let Turbo snuggle in however he wanted.
Oooh Turbo!  You are gonna make some lucky person, family, couple very, very, very lucky!  Turbo is 16 weeks old & still needs to find his forever home!  Turbo taught us a lot this weekend.  He is deaf & neither of us had ever been around a deaf dog before.  You don't realize how much you verbally train a puppy...who loves cat food!  It's just your natural instinct to say, "Turbo!  No!"...but it is really for your own sake as it will mean nothing to Turbo.  There were many times I would catch myself saying, "Turbo come here...oh but you can't hear me that means nothing to now I'm just talking to myself...."

Don't think for a second Turbo doesn't understand commands though!  He's been going to obedience classes since he was around 10 weeks old.  He knows sit, stay, high 5, around, car--as in you want to go in...not that he can do a car trick, outside, yay--good boy & no.  The hardest thing to do, was to teach US to train differently...ok we didn't train him per se as he was only at our house for about 24 hours, but when you have a puppy in the house, every minute is a training session!

He is honestly, the sweetest thing & so very smart.  He was very intrigued with our two cats, but our cats have been around 3 bullies so while I don't think he would have hurt them, they're pretty used to a very large paw coming at them to say "hi!"  He didn't have any potty training issues at our house either and night-night time meant he needed a night light!  Think about it...he doesn't have his hearing sense, so you shut off the lights & he wakes up in the middle of the night for some reason & now he can't hear OR see?  He had no problems during the night, woke me up at 630am, which I was warned about--it's his normal wake up time--just not mine!

We loved having Turbo at our house & we were happy to have him as our guest!  

To see more photos of Turbo as well as some awesome videos of this smart boy, visit Bodanna Bulldogs!


  1. ohhhh Jen, what a wonderful post! I'm so happy I had a chance to meet this cute little boy. there is that someone special out there for turbo. he will find them yet!

  2. Turbo is so beautiful. Love the "chocolate chippies" on his ear! Wish I could add to my family right now.

  3. Oh, how wonderful...bully sleep over!!He is absolutely adorabull!!

  4. Okay, confession - I cried. I wish I could bring that sweet boy home! Someone is going to be so lucky to have him in their lives.

  5. Interesting enough - I am the owner of Turbo! It was fun finding this bog about him. :)