Thursday, February 11, 2010

If you think a bully is've never met Destin!!

Today's post is not about my bulldogs, my love for Disney, or even my beloved Betty (iPhone).  No, today's post will be a little more personal & a completely shameless plug for pledges!  That's right, I'm asking for's not for me, it's not even for a bulldog, but instead it's for the fight against Type I Diabetes.

Type I, or Juvenile Diabetes, is when your body stops producing the appropriate amounts of insulin for your body to absorb carbohydrates (sugars) once consumed. Type 1 diabetes is not linked to obesity or diet control.  Therefore,  Type 1 diabetics are insulin dependent.  This requires checking yourself multiple times a day and receiving insulin anytime food is consumed either via injections or a pump.

Yeah, ok, my knees just totally hurt typing that...see, I'm medically-challenged.  I hate all things medical hearing about broken bones, needles, blood pressure being taken...they make my knees hurt.  I don't know why, but they do.  My family knows this about me & will preface any conversation with "oh Jen, this will probably hurt your knees."  This all being said, I can't imagine what it would be like to have Type I diabetes, having to give yourself insulin shots throughout the day...I couldn't do it...but my niece, Destin has no choice.

Destin who is almost 8 1/2 years old, was diagnosed with Type I diabetes shortly after she turned 5 years old.  FIVE!!  FIVE!!  I mean, a five-year-old may have just learned to tie their shoes, right?  Maybe knows their ABCs or in Destin's case, the square root of Pi (she's BEYOND smart--I think she reconfigured my brother's PC when she was about 18 months old--oops).  But to have to learn all about insulin, sugars, carbs, needles, finger pricks, "honeymoon stages", fingers pointing at her food on the plate figuring out how many carbs are in FIVE!!  WOW!

Sounds pretty awful to an aunt who can't even tolerate looking at her omnipod insulin dispenser without thinking, "omg I hope that thing doesn't rip out!"  But for Destin, my brother & my sister-in-law, there is no choice here!!  Destin has this condition & they'll do whatever they can to have her live a "normal" life!

While my parents have admitted that they've mistakenly called Destin "Jenny" numerous times over the years since she reminds them of me..."Jenny Jr" which I say, "you say it like it's a bad thing!?", I know Destin is about a BIZZILON times stronger than I am!  She loves particular math!  She's got talent that you wouldn't believe when it comes to dancing!  She's a dancing machine & at the age of 6 was already dancing in Competition (psst-this is not a Jenny trait by any stretch of the imagination)!  She loves to perform & really excels at it...all the while wearing her insulin pump!  Amazing!!

NOTHING is going to stop this little powerhouse!  Not even Type I diabetes!

On February 27th,  one of the nation’s largest JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) walks will be taking place at the Mall of America. This is an annual walk to raise money to help find a cure for diabetes.  Researchers have been able to successfully make rat’s insulin free and human studies and tests are ongoing as well. There are many new discoveries happening each and every year and someday soon, there will be a cure.

This will be the 4th time walking as Destin’s Dream Team and so far we have a team of almost 25 walkers signed up as a part of “Destin’s Dream Team”. Destin’s dream is to be Insulin free.

Below is an email from my brother, Destin's proud dad.  If you can, please give whatever you can to help reach Destin's dream of being insulin free!

As all of you parents know, you’ll do anything for your kids. As Destin’s dad, I want to make her  dream come true.  I have long lived by the saying, “You can never have a dream come true, if you’ve never had a dream at all.”  I’m personally reaching out to you, to ask if you wish to donate, please see the link below to help Destin’s dream come true.

The more donations we get, the closer we will get to fulfilling Destin’s dream. Many corporate sponsors will be providing matching donations for the walk as well, so every dollar counts. If we surpass our goal, even better!

We know that this past year has been extremely tough for many of us, but know that every dollar will help bring a cure closer to reality. Even $5 brings us closer.

If you are local to MN, we’d love to have you join us for the walk. You can register to walk at the link below. The bigger the group of walkers the better! We’re hoping for a group of over 50 people this year!

Thanks in advance everyone for the time and consideration.

Donation Link

On behalf of Destin and the millions of other people suffering from Type 1 diabetes, Thank You.

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  1. Destin sounds like an amazing girl...and what a wonderful cause. I hope her dream comes true! Thank you for sharing her story.