Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bulldog Love

Today we have a special guest blogger....Steve!!

On several occasions Jen has accused me of being too worried about our bulldogs.  I cannot argue this, I truly admit that I worry about our bullies a lot--probably to the point I should seek help!  :)  There is a good reason for this. 

At work, we all get stressed out and upset.  It's uncertain what will happen at work, or life for that matter.  But there is one thing I know for sure....when I walk through the door whether I'm coming home from work or the gym.... that thing is bulldog love!! 
I know the three bullies will look at me with pure joy, love, and innocence in their eyes.  They don't judge me, they just love me.  When I walk through the door and see them all the stress and problems just melt away (Bullies love to eat your stress).  I could never repay them for the love and enjoyment they have brought to me and my wife.

So the next time your having a bad day, just remember there is something special awaiting you when
you get home.  That thing is "Bulldog love".  One of the best things this world has to offer!!


  1. Nice job. Our experiences are not unique. Our bulldogs are.

  2. Welcome to the blogger world!!!! Gotta say I was so surprised to see your post. Way to go!

  3. i love that... "bullies like to eat your stress"... I totally agree... stroking a sweet velvet ear just makes my bad day melt away!