Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dogs to Work or Work to Dogs??

Did you know that June 25th was Take Your Dog to Work Day?  Well our Momma did, but her work wouldn't allow that.  We were sad.  So we asked Momma to bring her work to us instead!  So we decided that June 25th was Take Your Work to Your Dog Day!

Aren't we creative??  Ha!  We helped Momma with her work.

However, her work is very boring to us bullies....
There were no balls or toys or things to chase!  What does she do all day??  Aren't you supposed to enjoy your job??
Instead she has these keyboard thingys that make a tap, tap, tap sound & this long sheet of paper (that I would have loved to eat) with numbers on fun at all.

But we were happy Momma was able to celebrate Bring Your Work To Dogs Day with us!!!  Did any of you celebrate??

Howie & Vivi
Doc too--he just didn't participate in helping Momma

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  1. I am lucky to celebrate Bring Your Work To Dogs Day most of the time!

    Bella is great company most of the time. On Summer days she wants to be outside, but then she gets too hot and needs to come in to cool down, then she wants that sun again, but then needs that a.c...over and over again!