Friday, June 4, 2010

Well, I think I'm mostly packed

Tonight, after work, Mary & I are headed to Fargo, ND for a weekend of fun & dog shows! Last night I didn't have much motivation to get Vivi & me packed at all. I mean, it WAS the season finale of Real Housewives of New York City!! (BTW "Elegance is friend"!)--sorry had to do it!

After the show was over I finally decided it was time to give Vivi a bath--I'll do more grooming tonight or tomorrow morning before the show. Nothing like giving a bath at 1030pm!! Oops.

Vivi actually doesn't mind baths...once she's in the tub anyway. Once she's out..well as I'm sure many other bully mommas & daddys can attest out because it's now time for the Bully500 around the house which 100% of the time also includes the NEEDED "roll around".

You can almost see the determination of escape in her eyes the second she's out of the tub!

Not so fast little lady!! We've still got some folds to clean & whiskers to trim. Sorry baby girl!!

"Ok momma. I'll stay...for a second!"

Paws & fingers crossed for a successful show!!

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  1. Haha - Kirby does the same thing after his bath! (or he used to) Good Luck - hope u win at the shows!

    Julie M. :)

  2. Bella runs away before the bath, then she is fine during the bath, but her favorite part is the towels after.

    Good luck at the show Vivi!