Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Braggin' About My Bully Momma

Hi Everybully!  It's me!  Howie!  I just wanted to tell you all the most awesomest news!!

My bully momma, Hannah, from Bodanna Bulldogs got her CD (Companion Dog) title this past weekend!  I'm so proud!  My bully momma is so smart & behaves so well!  She loves to "work" & impresses many onlookers ringside!!  Especially when she does her "swing"!

Momma Sandy said we could share her win photo!  Look at her!  Isn't she pretty?  She's smiling like Momma Sandy (behind) & her friend Missi who helped Momma Hannah get her title!!  If you want to a bully in the obedience ring, they're awesome!!  Maybe someday I'll take after my Momma Hannah!!

Congrats Momma Hannah!  Love you!

Hey, yeah Grama Hannah!  I proud of you too!

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