Monday, May 9, 2011

Overdue Recap

Hello All!!  I know it seems I have been MIA lately but I do have a couple good on my friends, read on!

About 6 months ago Steve & I decided it was time to re-do the dogs' room floor.  It was a white carpet--PERFECT for a dogs' room, right?  Hey, we didn't pick it out.  So we had the famous "buy 1 room & get 2 rooms free" company come out & we fell in LOVE with this beautiful laminate.  It was so pretty...but very outside our budget.  So we decided to put the project on hold..until 3 weeks ago.

Steve & I went to Menards, walked in & actually came out with all the supplies to do the floor!  Woo hoo!!  Best part, Steve was super excited to get started on his first real project.  That's right, his first real home project.  On his own.  This was major!  He's the first to admit I own more tools than he does (up until now that is).  He did all sorts of research (his favorite TV shows are ANYTHING on HGTV--Holmes on Homes is probably his fave) & even watched lots of You Tube videos over the last 6 months to get an idea of what to do!  He was ready!

So last weekend, we started by clearing out the dogs' room...please note how secure I am with our friendship...I mean, who else shares w/you the nastiness of a white carpeted room???
You notice the stains around the kennels & where the water & food dishes gross.  (again, secure in our friendship here--no judging right??)  So you can see it was time to replace the flooring.

So once everything was out of the room...and put all over the house...including my super cute sewing room...(aaghhh...look at all that....Horders anyone??)
Steve went & cut up all the carpet & Howie & Vivi just didn't know what to think about being locked out of their room!
Once all the staples were picked out of the subfloor, the bullies got to go camping for the weekend.  They loved it!
(I spy Vivi!)
Doc didn't want to go camping, so he got to sleep in our bed all weekend.  Once he's asleep for the night, he's out & doesn't move.  He's too funny!  He kept my feet warm...but was known to steal some covers every now & again...
"Whatever momma...YOU stole my covers."
The next day Steve got started on the flooring & it started to look like a whole new room right away!
I got to help & his dad was here to help w/the cutting of the boards, but I have to say, we did a great job & learned a lot...especially when you read the directions...oops.  :0)  The bullies all helped during the project too! 
Howie made sure everything was measured correctly.
Doc was the project could let him in the room & he'd just be right there watching.
Vivi...well, she decided my piles of towels & blankets were stacked too nicely & they needed some reorganizing...she's such a thoughtful girl.
But once the floor was all set, they all took credit in helping daddy!!
It truly looks great & I'm sooooo happy with how it turned out & I'm sooooo proud of Steve!  He did a great job!  He did such a great job that before the kennels were moved back into the room we said he should do the sewing room next!!  Yay!!

Here are the after photos!!  Looks awesome doesn't it??  Complete with new baseboards/trim! 
 Again, great job Steve!!  You should be proud!  Love you!!
Shelf is new to the room...takes the place of a dresser we had.
Was even able to hang up some of my favorite bulldog items too!  (Drool rag/dog leash/whatever  holder & a "vintage" original bulldog painting.)
The laminate is a lot lighter than we originally thought we liked, but I really LOVE how it turned out!

So that's what we were up to....oh that & the Royal lie!
Hope you're all having a great week!!


  1. Woo Hoo!! Looks awesome! Wiping up bully drool will be a piece of cake now! Happy slobbering Doc, Howie and Vivi! Nice work, Steve!

  2. Great job gang!!! You will love the laminate flooring-we have no carpet in or house and love it!
    Bulldogs are the best supervisors too:)