Saturday, March 19, 2016

Vivi's Page

Ahhh our little girl!  Vivian is in every sense of the word, a princess....but still a bully at the same time.  She easily can hold her own with her 50 & 65 pound brothers!  She's the first girl in our home and we're definitely learning from her.  We were hoping to get another boy and instead we got this snow monkey!  I found out I was getting her on my birthday in December while on vacation in Disney World.

Vivi graduated Puppy Kindergarten in March 2009; she grew so much in those 6 weeks!  What a transformation!  From shy puppy to confident puppy, it was amazing to see the change.  Vivi had her first all-breed show in early April & her first bulldog specialty show in May 2009.  

Vivian continues to make me have fun in the ring & in the summer of 2010 picked up points towards her AKC Championship title!

                                                                       Vivi's Pedigree


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