Saturday, March 19, 2016

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Doc came to us in a special way & he's our Doodle Bug!  He's as mellow as they come, he loves to cuddle, but yet can play like a puppy when he wants...he's only 3 years old afterall!  He loves to play in the snow & bounce around like a bunny; and he loves little kids!!  I hate to say he's your typical bulldog, because if I've learned anything, there is no such thing....but he does love to play & rest & snuggle!  That's the perfect bulldog to me!!  

Doc received his first and only point in Duluth, MN in July 2008.  He's enjoying "retirement" by playing with Howie & Vivian...but mostly by just testing out all the bla
nkets in the house!  I'm sure he has found a favorite....or three!

In May 2009, Doc was put on a "diet"....poor Doodle!!  He has gained 8 pounds in 10 months.  YIKES!!  We had his thyroid checked, but it came back normal...which is good, but it means that we're at fault here.  I started cutting back his food portions & he just looks at me like "are you serious?!"  Hahaha!  Ahh...he's taking it all in Doc's normal clam stride & we hope cutting back his food along with his normal walks will help him get back to his svelte self!  We'll weigh him again in a week or two to see if we've made any progress.

Doc went to the vet in August 2009 for his annual exam.  I'm very happy to report that he has lost 6 pounds!  The green beans are paying off!  Just 2 more pounds to lose!  Yay Doc!!!
I'm happy to report, as of February 2010, Doc is down another 3 pounds!  That means he has lost a total of almost 10 pounds since May 2009 when we found out he had gained weight since we got him!  I cannot stress enough the power of green beans!  Especially in the winter!  Doc doesn't like to be outside when it's very cold...he has sensitive paws, so he doesn't get the walks he needs.  I'm very, very happy with the weight was our vet!
We're so thankful that he came into our lives in 2008, it's been an honor to have him as part of our family! 


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