Monday, May 28, 2012

Not One Win this Weekend....

Vivi & I went to St Peter, MN this weekend for a dog show.  We didn't win one day this weekend...instead we won TWO days!!  Woo hoo!!  Was NOT expecting that at all!  I've seen others do it & been in awe...this weekend, I'm not in awe, but in shock! 
Vivi now has 12 points & that means she only needs 1 more major (a major is a show worth 3-5 points) to get her AKC Championship!  Majors are not always easy to find locally, so we'll be doing some traveling--Fargo this weekend--paws crossed everybully!!

At the show we visited our friend Hank & his momma Corrine.  Hank is very handsome & has done some modeling for all our favorite store (Target of course).  The last couple years he's been on some of the Halloween costume packaging.  He's also on some 3M packaging...he's so cute!
I LOVE his paws!
When we stand ringside, Vivi often will do this:
She's been doing that since she was a puppy when we went to class.  I think it's sweet!  Like, "she's my momma!"  hahaha

The bullies got McDonald's hamburgers & fries to celebrate Vivi's wins & they also got these stuffies from Chuck & Don's.  Lots of celebrating going on here!!

Howie & I decided to go for a walk Saturday night.  He was READY to GO!!
Doc enjoyed all the nice weather we had....well the nice weather in between all the rain anyway!
Hope you all had a great weekend too!!


  1. Congratulations! She has such fabulous structure. I'm sure as soon as you find a major, the winning part won't be hard! Good luck in Fargo!