Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's Time! It's Time!!

Hi Everybully!
It's me...Vivi!!!  Momma said I can write the blog today because she's been busy with some things around the house lately!!  Something about the well & water??  I dunno, it doesn't sound good though & some really nice city worker guys will be here next week to do a "hook up"...whatever that means.  All I know is Momma is busy, so here I am...

Ok, so today Momma took me to a show!!  I love going to shows!  Momma says I am such a good girl at shows & it's cuz I know if I am, I'll get a treat!!  I'm no bullydummy!!  It's a good thing I like going to shows because Momma says it's the time of year for a lot of shows here!!  Yay!!!  I'll be going to many of them with my half-sissy Bailey!  We get along really well!

Look, we must be related...we sleep the same weird way!!
It was pretty warm here today, even in the early morning.  So here are our friends in a pool cooling off after the show!!  How smart are they?!

We are going back tomorrow so maybe I'll have more photos & stories to share!  Otherwise there's always next weekend...and the weekend after that...and a week after that....and then two weeks later....!!

Hope everybully is enjoying the long weekend!

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