Sunday, May 23, 2010

Special Thanks To Urban Bulldog!!

Katie at Urban Bulldog blogged about a really cute bulldog wallet that she got at Marshall's last week.  Sure she's in Colorado, but I figured I could take the chance that they'd have one here in Minnesota, I mean, what's it gonna hurt??

There is a Marshall's in downtown Minneapolis, so I headed there on my lunch hour last week.  Sadly, there wasn't any of the cute wallets but I decided to head to the housewares section thinking maybe just maybe I'd find some sort of bulldog treasure....knowing most likely there wouldn't be...there never has been before.

But this time there was!  Yay!  My very own bulldog garden gnome...which was ironically another blog post by Katie last week!  How funny!

So thanks Katie for MAKING me go to Marshall's!!  Now I have my own bulldog treasure!!

PS-If you haven't clicked on either of the links to Katie's blog yet, you MUST look at today's post!  It's a really cute video of her bully Sherbert!!!


  1. OH I HAVE THAT!!! I love it so much... my kids just laughed when I named "him" KING

  2. Wow, thanks for the Love! The bully gnome looks great! I can't believe how many people have them. I'm pretty sure they come with special powers. :)

  3. That is absolutely adorable - I agree it looks like King Howie!