Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Neighbors

Aren't they the sweetest?  We named one Bob & he couldn't have been bigger than my hand.  So cute trying to hop around!  Kinda reminded me of a bulldog the way he'd hop!!  (Yep!  I just said a bunny was hopping like a bulldog!  LOL)

Steve found Bob as he was cutting the grass & I helped him shoo him away so he didn't get hurt....only to have Steve find all of them when doing the weed wacking!  We decided to give them bread...but a piece fell on one...err...Bonita... & none of them moved!

Sadly, I haven't seen Bob or any of his family since Sunday night (yep, I check on them each night before bed).  I'm thinking they've moved on to another little nest..

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