Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hemorrhoid Cream??

Do you know where they keep hemorrhoid cream at Target? Well, if you don't & you have a bully, you may want to find out! I didn't know where they kept it at the store until last week when I needed to buy some....for Doc!! Recently, Doc has gotten an interdigital cyst in one of his front paws. It is basically a blocked gland which could be caused by an ingrown hair, or in Doc's case, I think it's a way for a food allergy to present itself.

The cysts are painful to him & what he wants to do all the time is lick them!! This is exactly what he SHOULDN’T be doing. I've tried giving him epsom salt soaks in the tub....he doesn't mind them & just stands there while I clean his folds or ears...he's such a mellow fellow!! After soaking in the epsom salt, you need to pat dry the paws completely. Well, this little remedy didn't work.

So I went on to the next at home remedy which brings us to the hemorrhoid cream! Seriously, it helps dry out the cyst. I've read to use it on the cyst 3 times a day for 3 days. And guess what? After the first day, Doc was sitting in the sun & it burst open! Blood everywhere...poor thing. Thankfully he allowed Steve to clean it up & I used some witch hazel (which is also used in hemorrhoid wipes by the way) to help clean it up, followed by more hemorrhoid cream. It has gotten a lot better & he even has gone on walks, which were too painful for him to go more than one house away. After our walks I make sure to clean the paws & use the cream & then again before bed. Surprisingly, he doesn't lick the cream so that's good!!

Of course I have stopped giving him the food I think that trigged the allergy & everyday the paw does look better. With bullies, you just never know what human product you will need on hand!! First Zyrtec & now hemorrhoid cream!!Here's a photo of his paw before it popped. I don't have one after, but when I get one, I'll be sure to post it for comparison:

I'm sure this is much more information than you wanted to know about hemorroid cream, but hey, chalk it up to learning something new everyday!!


  1. Is there a way to email you privately? My 2 yr old English Bulldog has developed what I believe to be one of these cysts. I'd like to email you a photo for another opinion. My vet is over 100 miles round trip, but if its necessary, I'll take her. If local hemerroid cream will help her, Id much rather spare her a long trip in the 100+ degree heat!



  2. Ouch! that must be painful. I do care a lot for people who suffer from cyst, hemorrhoids, and lumps. You can email me at ryanitu33@yahoo.co.uk for some questions.