Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The most successful walk ever!

Yesterday, I took Howie for a short walk when I got home. In case I haven't mentioned it before, Howie is my crazy boy...the HEYLOOKATME!DON'TYOUWANTTOPLAYWITHME?IWANTTOPLAYWITHYOU!I'MGONNAGOOVERTHERENOW!DOYOUWANTTOCOMEWITHME? boy! He's constantly on the go! He's the sweetest thing ever, very lovey & loves to give feet kisses (right Gramma Suzie?)...but he needs a job. Just like his momma Hannah, he's very driven. He loves to please & if you have a god! You'd think he was the most well behaved dog in the world!

Anyway...because he always has to be there yesterday, when on lead he's usually pulling. In January Sandy was in town & I had her help me. She took Howie for a short walk around the house & he pulled only a few times...I couldn't believe it. She taught me how to get him to stop pulling by using treats (he's VERY food driven) & as soon as he pulls, turn right back around & walk until he pulls again & then turn around again. There were many a walk where we didn't even get to the neighbor's driveway in 20 min because of the pulling & turning around! But almost every time we made some progress! Today I'm happy to report after 3 months of at least weekly walks, Howie did NOT pull once yesterday! Woo hoo!

I was so proud of him! I even had him sit when cars went by (he has a tendency to want to go with every car that goes by). He sat every time & he just waited until I either gave him the command, "ok, let's go" or praised him & gave him a treat. What a proud momma I was! If I turned right, he turned right; if I turned left, he turned left; when I stopped, he sat. What a change!

Now...the test will be can he walk like that for someone else AND can he eventually walk like that when I have Doc or Vivi with? Baby steps...


  1. Way to go Howie and Jen!!! I had a dog that pulled, so I completely understand!!

  2. Good Boy Howard!
    Good Girl Jen!