Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring has sprung!

It was a great spring weekend here in Minnesota! The bullies & I spent a lot of time outside on the deck! Doc just loved laying in the sun & Vivi just loved watching all the people & cars go by! Howie, well Howie was his usual investigative self & ran into a bee!! The one & only bee I saw all weekend and of course Howie had to find it! I still don't know if he got stung for sure but when we were on the deck, I saw him sniffing around the house & then he shook his head & ran to the other side of the deck. At first I thought it was a spider because I just saw something move and it had long legs (you know those bees that have a regular bee body, but super long legs & wings??)...but then I saw it was a bee! YIKES!!

It's scary when dogs get stung by bees because if they get stung in the mouth, the dog's tongue can swell up, causing their airway to be cut off & they can suffocate. This happened to Howie's dad, Jack, last summer! And it can happen fast, very fast! So as soon as I saw it was a bee, I went over to Howie. He was drooling (which is rare for him), so I figured he got stung! I quickly ran into the house, grabbed an allergy pill (Zyrtec--yep, the human OTC kind) & a bit of a banana (he LOVES banana's & I needed to get him to take the pill ASAP)!! I went outside to him & gave him the pill/banana cocktail. He took it with no problems. Of course I just sat there staring at him....and waiting...watching his every move. I decided to give him another pill just to be sure, plus an ice cube in case there was any swelling....not sure if that would really help, but he liked it & it made me feel better.

Thankfully, he had no signs of being bit in his mouth...however, he does have a pink mark on his I'm guessing he got stung in the chin...but who could be a mark from him & Vivi playing (they tend to go after each other's jaws---it's a bully thing) or it could be a zit (no kidding) while I'm not sure he did actually get stung by the bee, I'm glad I knew what to do to try to help him!

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