Monday, April 6, 2009

Vivi's First Show!!

Vivi's first show was this weekend in Eau Claire, WI. We had a great time! Drove each day, so it was a mighty early wake up for both of us; but Vivi did great in the car rides! She got to meet her half-sister Bailey & they would take turns watching each other in their kennels! So cute! I thought Vivi did great in the ring! She only sat during the down & back, as opposed to when on the ramp too (which is what I was expecting). However, the little stinker did NOT go up the ramp either day! I was so surprised because we had even practiced Friday night & there was NO problem!! Haha!! What a silly little girl.

What I was most impressed with was her demeanor while we were waiting outside the ring. It was a very small space & there were LOTS of dogs & people. I was getting a little freaked when I had dogs sitting on me & even poor Vivi!! I did mention it was crowded right? Well, she took it all in stride. She even tried to play with a Pointer's tail that was wagging near her!! Never once did she cower or bark or anything. She's a very mellow little girl! I'm very proud of her!! That was a lot to take in & then to still do what I wanted her to do in the ring? Amazing!

Needless to say she was very, very tired after our early mornings & car rides! Vivi's new photo on the top of her page is her "After Show" look...sweet thing!

It was a lot of fun & I am looking forward to more shows this spring & summer! My good friend Mary was able to take some photos while waiting to bring Bailey in the ring. I'm so thankful to have photos of Vivi's first show! I've posted a few on Vivi's page & then our favorite below. Thanks again Mary!

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