Friday, May 22, 2009

Bulldogs Can Break Through (Screen) Doors!

No kidding! Tonight I saw it firsthand! While we don't live "in the country," we do have some that live in our area that apparently wish they did. On our street I've seen tractors, snowmobiles, electric scooters, mini motorcycles, & even this week (no lie) a horse & carriage!!

Well tonight, someone decided to take their 4 wheeler down our street, I'm sure it was absolutely NEEDED, as all they did was go fast down the street & then fast up the street... Anyway, this 4 wheeler made a high pitched noise...a noise Howie did NOT like.

So he started barking...then he started running...towards the front screen door....and he jumped...INTO THE SCREEN! Popped the screen out & bent the frame a bit. Aggghhh!!! 50 pounds of bullyforce I know can give you a bruise if you're in his way, the screen never stood a chance. Thankfully I was able to "MacGyver" the screen on the outside back into place...(I'll do a better job tomorrow) & the frame seems to work just has a slight dent in it now. Thank goodness we didn't go with the full screen door....he would have gone right through!

Lord only knows what he would have done to that noisy 4 wheeler!

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